10-tips-save-money-at-homeMoney is a beneficial thing. What you think is it essential thing only? The world’s most valuable paper we believe. Today, everyone gets into the competition just for the money.

There is no end to the benefits of money. If you write the blog about powers of money, it will be a book. I do not write books here I’ll say some useful conversations which will profit you a lot.

Think once, you get extra money without any trouble in the month? How can this money be made possible? Now comes the main topic, how do we earn money and spend money?

To earn money, Talent and Labor, these two must be close to you. Then there will be no problem to make money. But saving money is 2x harder than earning money. Do you think it is difficult? I do not think so. I use some ways to save money in any place.

In Pew study we have found, 46% American will spend money more than their monthly income. They cannot save money because they do not know how to save money. But do not take any stress. Here are 10 creative ways to save money at home.

10 easiest ways to save money

  1. Use LED bulbs

Why do we use LED bulbs? LED light is an energy saving bulb. You can save 80% energy by replacing Incandescent, CFL bulbs. And It will provide the same output. Use LED bulb in the outside of the house where the lamp uses for a long time then your bill will degrade in the month. Here’s a good discussion about the Benefits of LED.

Where you can use it:

  1. Turn Off Unnecessary appliances

Unnecessarily do not ON the lights of the room and do not keep the fan running. Turn off everything before leaving the room. Sometimes we turn off TV by remote and put laptop, mobile charger on the plug. Never do it. Turn off all by the main switch. Another small tip, Run your AC at 22°C-25°C it will save energy.

Keep in mind that those are OFF:

  • AC
  • Light
  • Fan
  • TV
  • Charger
  1. Use Latest technology

How technology save our money? Now Energy Saving Electronics is available in the market. Energy saving/ Eco-friendly AC, TV, Fridge, Cloth Iron etc. these are being made in the market thinking about saving money and electricity.

Nowadays, if you charge a handset once, you can simply run it 1- 2 days without again charge or use power bank. Same for the laptop. So we do not have to charge again and again. Here also our money will save.

  1. Break Bad habits

Smoking is the bad habits we know. If we stop smoking then buying cigarettes will stop. If we avoid cigarettes, then our money will save. Not just cigarette, there are some other big habits if we can break it, then a lot of money will be in our pockets.

Giving up coffee and alcohol. We know it’s not easy but it will save our money and keep your health well.

  1. Regular Exercise

How can save money by exercise?  Weird!! Yes, this is the main trick to save money. Exercise not only benefit for physical it also fresh our mind and brain. If we are mentally well, then we can know where we could spend or not spend money. Most People doesn’t sleep properly. That change our mood and energy level high to zero. You have to stop eating something before sleeping. Always take your mind fresh and enjoy the happy life.

  1. Avoid Junk Food

We know how much is the price of food in our country? If we eat cucumbers and tomatoes etc. healthy foods in the morning, then the money will save, and our body will remain all right. Two things will be together. You will also have to drink more water because water is free and water has another name “Life”.

  1. Do not go out

No need to go out of the house without any necessity. If you go out, you can see that the money spent too much on transport, shopping, restaurants etc. Do not go outside as long as possible. We’ll give time to the family at home. Your mind will be good. Skip expensive concert and find out musical cafe.

  1. Grow Some Herbs

Do farm herbs around the house. Plant those vegetables in the garden which are rich in the market. You can firm some necessary herbs in indoors on a small window beam or outside in pots or gardens like lemongrass, chives, mint, parsley, Oregano, Basil etc. and enjoy your dinner taste. Guys, use soil meter for making own farm in your home. It will save you on buying the expensive grocery store.

  1. Read Free Books

No need to buy books from the library. In Amazon, you can find free kindle books. You do not have to spend money on buying books. The book that you want to read, you can find it online by looking at the writer’s name. When you go to the outdoor library to read, you will need to hire a car, buy books etc. Everything will save now.

Free Book online resources:

  1. Project Gutenberg
  2. Open Library
  3. Google Books
  4. Do Household Chores

Do household works by yourself. There is no need to hire a cleaner. By using pressure washers surface cleaner, all the floor of the house can be cleaned by itself.

Necessary Homework:

  • Clean Bathroom
  • Clean Bedroom
  • Clean Dishes
  • Clean all surfaces
  • Clean your clothes

Also, do your makeup by yourself. No need to go parlor. You can help to do perfect makeup by using lighted makeup mirror. It will save money.

It is not very tough to save money by cutting out or reducing something you buy. If we can do these small things, then we can see that a lot of money will save at the end of the month. Try to follow 10 different saving money tips at your home that 100% will help to save money and maybe it will be a new adventure for you.