Once you got a quick charge power bank, you’ll never worry about “low battery stress” again.

Technology is growing at a very high rate, before, travellers did not have the privilege of charging their smart devices while on the road. If the battery went low, it meant that you could not use your device anymore and you had to wait until you came across a source of power. The introduction of power banks has facilitated the travelling experience since most of the smartphones consume a lot of charge due to the running applications and other factors. If you were in an emergency and want to recharge your device quickly a power bank may come in handy and this just one of the many benefits it brings forth, hence traveler love fast charge power bank.

Why does Fast Charge Power Bank need to travel?

In every traveling step, power bank comes to our advantage. We can compare it’s as essential as your toothbrush. How does the power bank support us in travel? We pointed out 3 situations :

1. Transportation: Traveling is all about the adventure & the journey and that frequently implies spending a lot of time on a plane/train/car/bus, also sticking around at the airport, train stations and bus stations. Most of the time you might not have any access to a power point to revive your gadgets. If you have fast charging power bank, there’s nothing to worry about it.

2.Stress-free: We now live in modern times. We feel so bothered if anything goes slow. If we see mobile got charges quickly in a few minutes, indeed that we feel stress-free. It gets much more essential to keep your phone when you travel.

3. Hangout Place: Imagine you are on a trip to some hill station, or weekend trip and you have used your phone’s data connection during the journey, once you reached your destination your phone’s battery got dead and you become unable to take any pictures further. Even you have a portable charger but have no time to charge for a long time because of the sun going down. In this condition, quick charge power bank gets you help.

A fast charge power bank is a great solution to overcome in such situations by getting your phone recharge quickly. However, it is a bit difficult to pick portable battery packs depending on your requirements. Below are the tips you must consider while choosing a power bank depending on your needs.

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How to know a good power bank?

Following are the things you must consider when buying a power bank:

The size and power capacity of your portable charge device do matter. This is not only about to fit it into your purse or pocket. The size of battery and its capacity do matters to give you minimum or maximum backup that can be known as mAh “milliamp-hours.” The commonly available sizes start from 2000mAh up to 10,000 mAh. The bigger number will be that more power backup you will have.

It’s all about fast charging for your phone or tablet. Technically the standard USB port on your portable charging device will fit any standard USB cable. However, the amount of power can be varied depending on the cable quality you are using.

It depends on your requirements, how many devices you want to charge at a time. The portable batteries have more than one port to recharge your phone. It also depends on the power capacity of your portable charger.

usb port 3.0

It’s all about a cable that will connect your power bank with the phone to charge it. Every battery pack comes up with a cable to charge your phone that is usually a standard micro-USB cable and standard USB wall charger. When it comes to choosing the power bank, this is not an easy task to choose the one that fits your needs. However, we have collected a few of best fast charging power bank reviews that helps you in charging your phone when you are traveling.


Charging After 30 mins by Normal Power Bank


Charging After 30 mins by Fast charging bank

Top 10 Best Quick Charge Power Bank 2018 list :

1. Anker PowerCoreMini Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger (3350mAh)Check Price
2. KMASHIDual USB Ports (10000mAh)Check Price
3. JackeryEmergency Flashlight (6000mAh)Check Price
4. Unifun Waterproof + LED Flashlight (10400mAh)Check Price
5. Jackery BoltBest for Iphone (10050mAh)Check Price
6. EasyAccFast Recharge Power Bank (20000mAh)Check Price
7. Jackery GiantExternal Battery Charger (12000mAh)Check Price
8. PoweraddHigh Speed Charge and Monster Capacity (30000mAh)Check Price
9. Anker PowerCore II 20000PowerIQ 2.0 20100mAhCheck Price
10. EC Technology22400mAh High Capacity Battery USB 3Check Price

1. Anker PowerCore + mini 3350mAh

Anker PowerCore is a lipstick-sized portable charge with the compact external batteries. The company claims high speed charging up to 1amp. The charger gives you over 6 hours talk time battery backup and comes with a Micro USB cable. You can charge at least one iPhone or a Samsung device or other similar devices. With the Anker PowerCore+ bank you will get a Micro USB cable, travel pouch and welcome guide to know the best use of your mini power bank. However, there’s only one USB port, so that you will be able to charge only one device at once.

What buyers say?

The device has over 2500+ reviews from the buyers, and most of them are satisfied with the quality this power bank. Some users experienced battery heat issue during the charge of their phone. However, these are rare cases.

Our thoughts

Under the affordable price, Anker PowerCore+ mini can be your perfect choice for your portable phone charger best buy. If you are going on a short trip having a smartphone that has less battery backup, this is going to help you give the full day battery backup.

2. KMASHI 10000mAh USB Ports 3.1A

KMASHI 10,000mAh power bank is one of the quick charges 3.1 portable charger comes in black color. Some LEDs keep you updated with the battery health of your portable charger. We’d suggest charging your power bank with a 5V adapter. But the drawback is it is not included in the package. You can charge your smartphone or tablet faster with its dual USB ports (5V / 2.1A and 5V / 1A). This portable charging machine comes with an intelligent power manage IC that prevent it from overcharging and protect it from short circuit. This quick charge 3.1 portable charger is best fit for the travelers as it has the massive storage capacity to enjoy your traveling without worries to get your phone switched off.

What other buyers say?

Most of the users are happy with the performance of this power bank, because of its fast charging. However, the same users are unhappy with the long-term use of this device.

Our thoughts

The major issue with the power bank is, it requires a 5V adaptor to get charged that is not included in the package. However, overall it’s a perfect device to go with. Its 10K mAh power gives you a long-term backup to keep your phone switched on.

3. Portable Travel Charger Jackery Bar 6000mah

Here’s another portable charger you can enjoy using the travel to keep your smartphone or tablet working. Jackery Bar comes with 6000mAh power that offers fast charging speed. The power bank comes with an emergency flashlight for iPhone, Samsung, and Other phones. Even this charger has 6000 mAh power, but it can fit into your pocket that makes it perfect for traveling. You can charge your iPhone devices about 2-3 times and Samsung devices about 1-2 times. It has an aluminum shell that makes it look great. The waterproof casing keeps its circuit safe even after putting in water.

What other buyers say?

As per other amazon buyer reviews, the power bank works perfectly in the initial days. However, they face some issues after some weeks like less charging of a phone or its battery get down faster.

Our thoughts

We recommend going with this portable charger if you are looking for a quick charger machine. The best things about Jackery Bar charger, it is waterproof and will keep working fine if get into the water accidentally.

4. Unifun 10400mAh Waterproof

If you are looking for a best waterproof power bank, Unifun is going to be your ultimate choice. It comes with 10400 mAh power backup. The power bank includes a strong LED flashlight for emergency use. This might be the best choice for the tablets and smartphone. The look of the power bank is great and the body completely dustproof that makes it perfect for the hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s 10400mAh capacity any iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series phone about 3 times. You can charge 2 devices a one time with its dual USB ports. I like it’s auto power-off feature when it will not in use. The power bank comes with one Micro USB charge cable and a user guide.

What other buyers say?

As per buyer reviews on Amazon.com most of the buyers have positive thoughts about the devices in their initial days of use. However, after use of 2-3 months, they faced some issue with its battery backup time.

Our thoughts

Being a traveler, you must need a power bank, and Unifun can be fit for your needs, as it has an emergency flashlight with a dustproof casing along with 10,000+ batteries back up. I would recommend you to get this, but only in case, you need a portable charger that is waterproof and dustproof.

5. Jackery Bolt 10050mAh [MFi certified]

Do you own an iPhone and want to keep it on over the day even if you are using your internet data? You must have a power bank that can help you in this regard. If you need the best portable charger for iPhone Jackery Bolt can be a good pick to charge your phone whenever you want. The company has made fast charging power bank for iphone users as they are Apple MFi certified. This portable charging device offers 10050mAh power backup that can charger your phone faster than your original iPhone charger. You can charger your iPhones about 4 times and for the iPhone plus it gives 3 times charging backup. That makes it perfect for you during traveling or enjoys a day off at some beach or any picnic spot. The phone offers safety battery system that prevents your phone from over-charging and will never let it heat. Its aluminum shell makes it reliable by preventing from head-radiation. The power bank pack includes one micro USB charging cable, a user guide along with 10050 mAh power banks. It’s 10050mAh capacity any iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series phone about 3 times. You can charge 2 devices a one time with its dual USB ports. I like it’s auto power-off feature when it will not in use. The power bank comes with one Micro USB charge cable and a user guide.

What other buyers say?

Overall the users have a good rating. However, some have issues with its less life of the battery. Some users said they enjoyed this power bank with faster-charging speed.

Our thoughts

We recommend you to get this portable power bank only if you have an iPhone. However, this won’t be good for the people who are using Samsung device as it is customized for Apple devices. For long-term use, it won’t be a fit device for you.

6. EasyAcc 20000mAh – Fast Recharge

EasyAcc offers a perfect charging machine with 20000mAh power capacity. Perfect fast charge power bank for iphone, Samsung, and other Android devices. The power bank is available in 2 colors black and orange. With this, you will be able to charge your Samsung devices 3 to 4 times and an iPhone can be charged over 7 times. The power bank offers the highest speed charging even for the 4 devices, as there are 4 output USB ports available in the EasyAcc power bank. It’s circuit auto detect the power of your device and change the charging speed accordingly. The company claims it as quick power bank charger as its charging time is 50% less compared to other portable chargers. The auto circuit of this power bank prevents your phone from overcharging by tripping it once your phone charged completely.

What other buyers say?

Like above-shared power banks, the current users of EasyAcc power bank has an issue with its short battery life. Some of them started facing issues with charging their devices just after 6 months of purchasing. However, many of the buyers are happy even after using it for a year.

Our thoughts

If you are looking for a heavy capacity power machine, EasyAcc can be a good choice for you, as it has over 20k mAh power backup that is almost double compared to above-shared power banks. However, if you travel less, it won’t be fit for you.

No doubt a power bank is not less than a blessing for the travel enthusiasts. This device offers great verity power capacities from 5000 mAh to 20000 mAh; it’s all up to you which one fits your needs. If you travel less and only want to keep a power bank just for emergency power backup one with 5000 mAh capacity would be enough, however, for the travelers, 20k mAh capacity power bank will be an ideal choice.

7. External Battery Charger Jackery Giant 12000mAh

Jackery Giant+ is another portable charger that comes with dual USB ports to charge multiple devices at once. The power bank has over 12000 mAh capacities to power up your phone many times. For travels this is going to be very handy as it’s orange color will help you to find it from the bag with ease. It’s built-in flashlight keep you safe in the darkness. The company claims you can charge your iPhone over 5 times and a Samsung Galaxy series phones can be charged about 3 times. If you are using an iPod or a tablet, it will provide you a full back of at least 1 charge. The charger comes with a 2.0 USB charging cable along with a guidebook and warranty card.

What other buyers say?

Most of the buyers enjoyed it’s dual fast charging speed to power up their phones in the emergencies. However, like above-discussed power banks, some current buyers are facing issues after usage of few months of this gadget.

Our thoughts

No doubt it offers you at least 5 times power back to your iPhone and 3 times charging to your Samsung or similar devices. However if you need short-term backup, this won’t fit you. We recommend it for long-term use. We like they offer at least 1 year warranty so that you can claim the company if it lost working during this period. So, that you will be secured to use this quick power bank charger.

8. Poweradd Pilot Pro3 30000mAh – Monster Capacity

This power bank offers over 30,000 mAh power with high speed charging for your smartphone or tablet. We have found this one of the high speed smart chargers among above-discussed . The power bank can provide you 5V/4A input that charger your phone 2x faster. As it has about 30K power capacity, you can keep your phone away from dying battery. It can give your iPhone 12 times power backup and for the Samsung devices at least 7.5 times. Its aluminum body design ensures a lightweight device to keep it on your phone. However, the 30,000 mAh capacity has its weight, and you’ll have to bear it. The latest technology made power system will never let your phone in charge and keep your battery safe. You will get with this bank: 1 Poweradd Pilot 2GS , 1 USB cable, 1 User Manual and Feedback Card ,24-Month limited product warranty ,24h*7d friendly customer service.

What other buyers say?

Buyers loves it for large capacity . Its a beast power bank. Fast charge, 30,000mah capacity, simultaneously recharge by 2 usb cables- its amazing.

Our thoughts

If you are in need of a quick charge your smartphone and tablet, this can be an ideal choice. One bad things is power bank size is big than others.

9. Anker PowerCore II 20100mAh

This is a sleek ultra-high capacity portable charger with a charging capacity of 20100 mAh. It has a faster and safer charging technology. Comes with dual USB ports that let it charge two mobile devices simultaneously and a maximum power output of 18W depending on the power I.Q. The power I.Q 2.0 allows the power bank to intelligently identify your device and deliver charge faster using this technology. Has LED indicators that show the level of charge. It’s especially compatible with fast charging devices and charges iPhone and Samsung smartphones faster.

What other buyers say?

With hundreds of customers reviews, many are satisfied with the overall purchase of this power bank. The quality of the Anker PowerCore 20000 is high and the best when it comes to quick charge. Some users say it is well built and a wonderful product to have.

Our thoughts

If you are in the market for a best power bank for your mobile phone or iPad, this is a perfect product to go for. It comes fully loaded with 20000mAh pure power and stores charge for a long duration of time.

10. EC Technology 22400mAh

This portable charger is a more advanced version and has very powerful functions. It ensures effective charging and has a polymer battery which guarantees reliability and prolonged life of the battery life. It has an external battery which has a capacity of 22400 mAh and 3 charging ports which have a power output of 5.5 A each. Dual charging technology that enables it to charge devices twice as fast. It has 5 security systems that protect against overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent and short circuit. Its suitable for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus and many more.

What other buyers say?

Many users love this portable charger especially its capability to charge devices twice as fast. The protection the power bank offers which allows for the longevity of the battery is another factor that users love about this product.

Our thoughts

If you are travelling for many hours, then this is the best power bank to go for because of its high power capacity of 22400 mAh and its fast charging speed. The best feature of this portable charger is its ability to protect your devices. We also recommend you use this device to charge the mobile phones stated above to avoid any shortcomings.

Final Words

No doubt above all shared best quick charge power bank 2018 has their salient features, and some are common. However, it all depends on your requirements that what you need from your power bank and choose one accordingly. May be a best gift for your father.