🥇🧽Clean Your House Using The Best Handheld Power Scrubber for 2024

Tackling, cleansing, and removing unsightly blemishes around your home can prove to be quite the hurdle. Getting rid of tough stains is particularly challenging, especially within bathrooms and kitchens, where they seem to manifest on a daily basis.

You have to use a draining mob and your energy to wipe up the floor. Then, you need to use a variety of cleaning rags to dust off the stains on every object in your house. That activity can take time, energy and can make your cleaning tough and monotonous.

Finding the best power scrubber can make all those spotted stains achievable. Now, with a little effort, you can make your home cleaning fun, easy and affordable.

We are offering the leading cleaning scrubber on the market. Without any further delays, we are presenting you with a list of the most quality handheld scrubbers.

List of 10 best handheld power scrubber 2024

RankImageProduct NameOur RatingFeatures
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Drillbrush Power ScrubberA+🏆3 different brushes
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Revolver Power ScrubberA+🏆Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tool
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Rubbermaid Power ScrubberA+🏆Easy to clean hard to reach spaces
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BLACK+DECKER Power ScrubberA+🏆Best for cleaning kitchenware
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Olrom Power ScrubberA3 different scrubbing brushes
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Metapo Cordless Power ScrubberA4 Brushes and 1 Scouring Pad
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Holikme Power ScrubberA3 different brushes
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RevoClean Power ScrubberA4 Piece Scrub Brush
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Hiware Power ScrubberA+🏆3 different scrubbing brushes
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DRILL BRUSH 360 Power ScrubberA+🏆3 pack kit
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1. Drillbrush Power Scrubber

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This great and quality power scrub brush kit is something that you need to have in your house. It is an amazing tool for cleaning and scrubbing, especially bathroom and kitchen, for that this is best bathroom power scrubber. The product is a great brush set, perfect for wiping up any dirty marks.

The Drill is not included, but all you need is the set of the most powerful and high-quality brushes. This product should be used with a cordless drill. It will save some time and effort, but most importantly will clean every surface in your house.

  • 3 different sizes of brushes in the kit. You will receive 3 different sizes of brushes which will help you clean around your bathroom and kitchen surface.
  • Medium stiffness nylon brushes. All 3 brushes have medium stiffness nylon power and will carefully eliminate stains on tubs, sink, shower door tracks, kitchen sinks, porcelain and more.
  • Easy to change brushes. It is very easy to switch from one size to another because all power brushes have a quarter inch.

The best sides of this product are:

  • Soft, functional and high-quality material
  • It took less time to clean bathroom or kitchen
  • Easy to attach to the drill

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Is it suitable for porcelain surface?

Yes, it is. You can clean and scrub the porcelain surface around your house with this fantastic product.

Do all three brushes work with any drill?

Yes, they are. You can use any drill with a standard bit to perfectly attach each of these three brushes.

2. Revolver Drill Brush

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The Revolver Drill Brush fits in any drill. As a powerful tool, you can use this brush to scrub any dirty spot in your bathroom and kitchen.

The Revolver Drill Brush is a powerful, high-quality and multifunctional tool. You should have this brush only because it will save you time, money and effort. It is one powerful tool that will clean every spot in your apartment.

What can this product offer to you?

  • Perfect diameter. The Revolver Drill Brush has the 5/16” universal galvanized steel shaft perfect for any drill.
  • Nylon Brush. It has a heavy duty nylon material which makes it one of the most powerful drill brushes on the market.
  • Perfect for any surface. The Revolver Drill Brush is adaptable for any surface. You can clean and scrub carpets, kitchen floors, boats, trucks, tile, walls and more.

The best sides of this product are:

  • Perfectly cleaning any surface
  • Can be attached on any drill
  • High-quality standards and material

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can this brush be used to clean my boat?

Definitely, you can use the Revolver Drill Brush to clean the surface of your boat. Thanks to the quality material, this product can carefully clean any boat surface.

How long should I use this brush to clean my bathroom?

The brush is high-quality, and you will notice the difference immediately. Using the brush for the first time will show you how powerful and multifunctional this product is. Some of the dirty marks can be cleaned within seconds.

3. Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber

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The Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber is a hard-working and very capable tool which can deliver 60 scrubs per second. It is one of the most powerful and fast tools than manual scrubbing.

You should consider buying it only because it can scrub even the most hard-to-reach stains in your house. You can use it on any surface and because of its design, you can transport it easy and fast.

What can you get with the Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber?

  • Outstanding 60 times per second scrubs. This tool is two times faster than manual scrubbing, and that is another reason why you should consider buying it.
  • High power. The power of this scrub is 6 volts which have the potential to clean dirty spots within seconds.
  • Three brush attachments. You will get three brush attachments such as Multi-Purpose Brush for cleaning light spots, Grout Brush perfect for scrubbing corners of your bathroom, and Large Multi-Purpose Brush great for other bathroom and kitchen surface.

The best sides of this product are:

  • Two times faster and powerful than manual scrubbing
  • Small, compatible and easy to transport around the house
  • Can scrub and clean any surface in the house

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Is this product working on electricity or batteries?

The Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber requires four AA batteries, but they are included in the kit.

Can you use this product to clean the kitchen?

Yes, you can. The Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber is perfect for any surface, including bathrooms, kitchens, halls, living-room, cars and more.

4. BLACK+DECKER Power Scrubber

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Customer says this is the best electric spin scrubber that will be your saver in the kitchen and bathroom. It is easy to use, with compact dimensions and weight and it is a very secure tool.

The BLACK+DECKER works under wet conditions in the kitchen and bathroom. It can work for about two hours per charge, and it’s perfect for saving energy and time.

Why should you buy this mini handle electric scrubber?

  • It is a small and lightweight tool, perfect for transportation.
  • The simple and miniature design makes this tool portable for scrubbing the dirt pots, basin, dishes , tiles etc.
  • It has a water-proof seal design and can safely work under wet conditions in bathroom and kitchen areas.
  • Has a high capacity 4 AA batteries and can operate for up to two hours per charge.
  • Very comfort handler is raping with rubber for slip free.

The best sides of this product are:

  • A water-proof machine, perfect for the wet surface in bathroom, kitchen, garage or car.
  • Stable speed, powerful battery, low nose, and safety features.
  • Ideal for polishing, scrubbing, and waxing a variety of household surface, with less effort and efficiency.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can you change the battery of the BLACK+DECKER?

Yes, you can definitely change the battery and/or replace it with the other one.

Can this scrubber clean microwave ovens?

No, we would not recommend it.

5. Olrom Drill Attachment Power Scrubber

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If you need powerful and professional scrubbing brushes, this is the right tool. This turbo drill brush set is exquisite for the heavy surface. You can clean and scrub toilet bowl, stone, tube jet and anything with a hard surface at your home.

It can fit perfectly on any drill and can get to unreachable spots. You can easily change the brushes so that you will save some time, effort and efficiency.

A few reasons why you should have this item at home:

  • All brushes in the set are made from a top quality material, which provides superb resistant. The material will never scratch any of your home surfaces.
  • Quick and easy change of brushes. You can use the set of brushes on any drill. Each brush from the set is stable and can fit on the cord and cordless drills.
  • It is a compact item, perfect for any surface. You can scrub and clean dirty stains from hard to reach spots and corners.

The best sides of this product are:

  • Saves time and effort while cleaning the house.
  • Perfectly cleans bathroom floor, shower door, carpet, bathtub, porcelain and more.
  • Compact size and lightweight, for easy and fast movement from one place to another.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Do all 3 brushes fit on any drill?

Yes, they are. The brushes are well-made for both cord and cordless drills.

Do I need to use special floor cleaners with these brushes?

It is not necessary to use special floor cleaners with brushes. The use of water is enough to scrub even the hardest marks on the bathroom or kitchen floor.

6. Metapo Cordless Power Scrubber

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The Metapo Cordless power scrubber is an ultimate model for scrubbing and cleaning kitchen, bathroom and outdoor surface. Bathroom’s soap scum and mildew will be passed, thanks to this powerful scrubber.

Its lightweight provides compatibility and effectiveness. The Metapo Cordless scrubber is easy to transport anywhere around the house. The high capacity makes this tool ideal for cleaning the dirty and hard stains in the bathroom and kitchen.

Things to consider before buying this item:

  • It has a capacity rechargeable battery (2 included) for lasting work.
  • It includes 4 brushes and 1 scouring pad, which are perfect for scrubbing kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor surface.
  • It is water resistant with a waterproof grade IPX7, so no more worries about getting your scrubber wet.

The best sides of this product are:

  • The kit includes 2 long-lasting batteries
  • It can scrub and clean hard and dirty spots from the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor surface
  • Perfect size and lightweight, which make it easy to move from one place to another

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can I clean the wheels of the car?

Yes, you can. This powerful scrubber is suitable for scrubbing your wheels and make them shine like new and fresh wheels.

Does it have a spare battery?

Yes, it does. In the kit, you will receive 2 batteries with a high capacity of power that can last up to 45 minutes.

7. Holikme 4Pack Power Scrubber

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If you need new brushes for your scrubber, the 4Pack Power Revolver Rim Drill Scrub Brushes Kit is the best choice on the market. This kit includes 3 shapes of brushes that are suitable for any type of drill.

They can clean the bathroom and kitchen surface, your garage or car, drip pans, crevices and more.

Why should you buy this brushes kit:

  • It includes 3 shapes of brushes and extended reach attachment, for better reaching the heaviest and dirty corners from your house.
  • It can perfectly fit into cordless drills such as Bosch, Dewalt, and others.
  • The extended reach attachment assist brushes to scrub hard-to-reach surfaces

The best sides of this product are:

  • Extended reach attachment included
  • 3 type of brushes for cleaning any indoor and outdoor surface
  • The brushes are made from high-quality material, perfect for cleaning tight spaces

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Do brushes work without extended reach attachment?

Yes, they do. The extended reach attachment can be used only to help brushes reach the tight spaces in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Can brushes clean porcelain surface?

Yes, they can. They are perfect for scrubbing porcelain tub in the bathroom.

8. RevoClean Scrub Brush Power

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This 4-in-1 cleaning kit with 4 piece scrub brush is an easy, new, quality and modern tool that you definitely need to have at home.

Thanks to RevoClean 4 piece scrub brush your home cleaning will be easy, professional and you will save some time and money for expensive products and cleaning services.

You can use these brushes in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage, care, and even your boat. It is a professional tool which will scrub even the dirtiest stains from any surface.

Things to consider before buying the RevoClean 4 piece scrub brush:

  • Attachments are included. You will get 4 brushes such as one medium nylon round brush, one medium nylon ball brush, one 2-sided soft sponge and one 2-sided non-scratch scrubber.
  • You can use it for light scrubbing and easily cleaning tubs, showers, corners, stoves, carpets, grills, linoleum, porcelain, siding and more.
  • All brushes can attach on any drill. This product will save time and money for a new drill, and you can easily attach on any drill.

The best sides of this product are:

  • It can clean hard to reach places in your home
  • Attachments are perfect for any drill
  • Nylon brushes ideal for scrubbing the hard stains from any surface

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can this tool clean any surface?

Yes, it can. The RevoClean brushes are perfect for cleaning toilet, carpets, stoves, tiles and more.

Can I use it to clean my car?

Yes, you can. Just use the nylon round brush or nylon ball brush.

9. Hiware Drill Brush Attachment Set

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The Hiwaredirect drill brush attachment set satisfies customers for more than 7 years with its quality, effectiveness, and professionalism. It is a powerful product made with care and high attention to satisfy all customer’s needs and desires for perfect home cleaning.

The scrubber brush set is made from the best machine materials on earth and it can clean from small to medium and large surfaces.

Thanks to the quality material this brush attachment set will never scratch any surface at your home and will perfectly remove any dirty marks.

Why should you consider having this drill brush attachment set:

  • It can be used anywhere. This set is designed to scrub bathroom, kitchen, wheels, grout, carpets and more. Can be easily transported and will not leave any scratch.
  • Works on any drill. This powerful and high-quality brush set can work with any drill. Will save you time and money, and will clean any corner of your house.
  • Has three different sizes of brush heads for excellent compatibility. You can easily reach the small or large surface.

The best sides of this product are:

  • Perfect for all cordless drills
  • Powerfully clean away any dust, dirt, stains, and filth
  • High-quality nylon bristles without scratching your bathtub and shower tile surface.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can I use this product on porcelain?

Yes, you can. The nylon brush will not scratch the porcelain.

Can the brush fit on Dewalt drill?

Yes, it can. This product can easily fit on any cordless drills.

10. Drill Brush 360 Attachments 3 pack kit

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This is one of the best faster-cleaning brushes in the market. It is a professional and quality 3 pack kit that can be used on any drill. This brush can clean scum, marks, water spots, grim and more.

It can save you time, money and effort, but most importantly will perfectly clean your kitchen and bathroom surface, sinks, showers, fiberglass, car, boat, garage and RV interiors. A simple, but yet powerful 360 attachments medium kit.

What to consider before buying this great tool:

  • It is a set of 3 different brushes. The 360 attachments kit included 3 medium bristles – 2inch round brush, 4inch round brush, and 4inch cone brush.
  • Professional and fast cleaning with all 3 high-quality brushes.
  • Can be attached on any cordless drill and will save you some time and money.

The best sides of this product are:

  • Professional cleaning kitchen and bathroom surface, cars, boat, and even RV interiors.
  • Suitable for any cordless drill and can be simply tightened.
  • Can do a deep cleaning on stains, water spots and grim.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Does this product clean liquid marks?

Yes, it does. You can easily clean water spots from any surface.

What is the material of each brush?

The white brush is really soft; the yellow and blue brush is medium soft, but will not scratch any surface.

How to Choose a Handheld Power Scrubber – A Buyers Guide

Investing in a power scrubber is always a great idea. However, before buying the product you need to check what your priorities and needs are and how will you use this tool.

Features are the best way to find your ideal power scrubber. First of all, check the material of each brush and see if they are suitable for cleaning a soft or hard surface. If you need a scrubber or a brush kit for cleaning your shower, garage or any outdoor surface then you need a nylon brush. It is perfect for rough surface and lasts longer than another type of brushes.

Before you invest a power scrubber, check the rotation speed and if it’s waterproof or not. You can easily find a scrubber with 300 RPM, excellent for cleaning dirt, grime, grout and so much more.


Choosing the best power scrubber depends on various aspects. Sometimes you should search deeply for a particular scrubber and its unique performances. It is the same with attachments and brushes.

All of them are special, with different features, qualities and for satisfying ordinary needs. Surely, we all have to have one particular scrubber at home to clean our kitchen and bathroom surface. Reading and analyzing the scrubbers above, you can easily make a decision.

With a professional and power scrubber at hand, home cleaning, especially kitchen and bathrooms do not have to be an exhausting task anymore. (Read all of vacuums to learn more)

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