Do you want your makeup at home like a beautiful celebrity look as Eva Longoria?

To make the gorgeous face, makeup mirror with lights and magnification are necessary, especially for the quality of face makeup.

Darkness or dim lighting does not give you the smooth finishing look of your makeup.

Nowadays there are many led beauty mirrors available in the market with specifications and features. You will be conscious of the purchase of the best one that gives you the required results.

Before reading this article one question, Do you know about LED? It’s a universal answer that LED light provides excellent brightness. In our blog, we have talked about many LED light products like LED light bulb fot garage door opener, LED Parking lot lights etc.

In this article, I will provide you with a complete guide to the best rated lighted makeup mirror 2018.

What is Lighted Makeup Mirror?

This looks like the regular mirror, just some lights fitted around the mirror. Many types of lights are using: LED, fluorescent etc…

In the presence of natural sunlight, you don’t need any other artificial light for perfect makeup tone. But when there is no sunlight or at night, you need to use some artificial lights for smooth makeup.

For that, mirrors companies are now supplying us natural daylight makeup mirror for best makeup. The concept has taken from the Hollywood sign of large bulbs.

Here are 10 top rated lighted makeup mirror reviews and guides 2018 . I will discuss each of them in detail with its advantages and disadvantages.

Top 10 best lighted makeup mirror 2018 list

1. MIUSCO LEDUltra-bright LED lights and 7x Magnification MirrorCheck Price
2. GOTOFINE LEDTouch sensor 10x Magnification Spot MirrorCheck Price
3. JERDON LIGHTED5x magnification Wall MountCheck Price
4. FANCII DAYLIGHT LED10x magnification and 14 bright, eco-friendly and energy-efficient LED lightCheck Price
5. UPPER WEST COLLECTION7x magnification, Perfect for travelersCheck Price
6. JERDONTri fold two sided mirrorCheck Price
7. SANHESHUN7x magnification, Perfect for travelersCheck Price
8. HERWISS LIGHTED180 Degree rotation portable trifoldCheck Price
9. CONAIROval shape 7x magnificationCheck Price
10. HOTLIFE LED8 dimmable led lightsCheck Price

1. Miusco: led 7X magnifying

Miusco mirror reviews


  • Touch Activated
  • Cordless
  • Square Shape
This compact mirror allows you to see a clear image of you without any distortion.

The miusco mirror supports LED lights to illuminate the brightness. This ultra-bright LED light helps you to smoothen your makeup precisely.

It will help you for focused eye makeups where you need extra lighting.

With this LED lighted magnifying makeup mirror, you will be able to see your face in exceptionally extra illuminated lights for focusing the fine details of your face and neck area.

You can use it everywhere at home or while travelling because of portable batteries without cable. The batteries are long-lasting, and it has a touch feature for on/off the lighting.

You can see your whole face in this mirror with 5.2 x 5.2 inch large that will help you best makeup.

You can makeup the face in a dark room because its attached 475 lux bright LED light.


  • It has Ultra-bright LED lights. These 16 top graded lights will illuminate the brightness of your face.
  • It has perfect 7x magnification setting without any distortion.
  • It has only one-sided mirror which enables you to see every fine detail of your face and neck area.
  • Lights are just a touch away. You can easily on/off the lights and adjust the brightness with a touch.
  • This lighted make up mirror is operated on wireless 3 AA batteries.
  • The base of this mirror is detachable.
  • It will allow you to precisely complete your makeup especially eye makeups that need extra focus.


  • The size of the mirror is very small that you can only focus on one part of your body.
  • The brightness of the mirror is not as higher as required by some customers.
  • This mirror is made of plastic, not of metal.
  • The mirror’s weight is not appropriate for traveling purpose.

2. Gotofine: LED Lighted Vanity Mirror


  • 10x Magnification Spot Mirror
  • Touch screen smart dimming
  • LED strip lamp

The Gotofine led lighted vanity makeup mirror promotes extra and long-lasting lights.

You will get extra brightening light for focusing on tiny portions of your face.

You don’t need to be worried about the batteries; batteries can used as both portable and cable supply.

It has made up of quality material that stays with you for a long time.

The product is rotatable and can be fixed at any position.

You can raise or lowers the brightness by touching the mirror. So You can adjust the intensity of your comfort. It will work like a magic mirror.

Best Feature is a lamp strip that provides soft, natural and more bright that best for doing makeup.

I think this mirror will be perfect for someone to gift.


  • It a has an extra lighting system that gives you bright, soft, long lasting and natural light.
  • The light can be controlled by touch sensor switch available on the mirror.
  • It gives you excellent power supply mode.
  • It accepts both portable and cable supply batteries.
  • It gives you the free distortion 10x magnification spot mirror.
  • The durability of the product is higher, premium quality material used and it is rotatable.


  • The size of the mirror is not enough for appropriate use.
  • The light looks more like fluorescent lighting instead of natural lighting.

3. Jerdon: Wall Mount Lighted Mirror

Jerdon wall mounted mirror

  • Halo lighting
  • Mirror swivels 360 Degree
  • Fog Free

The Jerdon 8-inch mirror is the best wall mounted lighted magnifying mirror with nickel finish. It provides close up magnification for flawless look.

This product adds glamour to the interior of your house. The product is known for its modern, sleek, glamorous and convenient look. These mirrors are using in luxury hotels and spas.

This is a fog-free and two-sided circular mirror with 5x magnification to ensure every detail of hair and makeup is in its right place.

A rotary knob for on/off the light is present at the base. The nickel finish is very clear and prevents the mirror from moisture and condensation.

Coiled power cable stays snug so that you can run it smoothly wherever you decide to install.

This mirror is the best for doing eye makeup and finding the stray hair. Also very easy to install quickly.


  • It is wall mounted magnifying mirror with 14-inch extension.
  • The nickel finish prevents from moisture and condensation.
  • A smooth 360-degree swivel design two sided mirror.
  • Regular and 5X Magnification without distortion.
  • It added glamour to your interior and in extravagance spas.


  • The assembly process of the mirror is difficult.
  • The light is not bright enough to support the makeup detailing.
  • The 5x magnification is not satisfactory, where other competitive are offering more that this magnification.

4. Fancii: Travel LED 10X Magnifying Vanity Mirror

Fancii mirror


  • 10X Magnifying
  • 360° swivel
  • Cordless

The fancii 10x magnifying lighted makeup mirror provides you with the best lighting system.

14 eco-friendly LED lights give you the feeling of natural lights.

The amazing 10x magnification allows you to zoom in the fine details of your neck and face for makeup.

The product is available with airtight seal suction cup to keep it safe from external dust and fog.

It is fully adjustable to any required positions. It supports portable batteries, and it takes less than 0.5 square feet.

You can attach it to any place like mirror, marble, ceramic, etc. but it does not stick to drywall, wallpapers, cement, textured walls, etc.

This mirror another name is best Travel Vanity Mirror. Why? It is cordless and portable. The fantastic thing is you can fold it and take it fewer than half square foot of space. Look another traveler choice quick charge power bank.


  • 14 bright, eco-friendly and energy-efficient LED lights that provide natural lighting.
  • The 10x magnification allows you to zoom in on a specific section of your face.
  • With 360° swivel, fully flexible to any desired angle or position.
  • Airtight-seal suction cup provides a secure attachment and it is good for safe travelling.
  • With compact, battery operated system. When folded it takes up less than 1/2 square foot of space.
  • 100% no-hassle.


  • Too much magnification for applying makeup in extra lights.
  • There is no solution available for broken lights and defective button.
  • The base is so small to easily position the mirror.

5. Upper West Collection: Perfect for travel


  • Natural Warm Light LED
  • Foldable & Compact
  • 360° swivel rotation

The 7x magnifying travel vanity lighted mirror is very popular for the makeup lover.

For shaving or makeup, you can fix on the glass or bathroom mirror. It is 360-degree swivel rotation so you can set it any smooth flat surface areas like tiles and natural stone surfaces.

It has 7x magnifying and 360-degree rotating so that you can view your full face. Neck makeup is very tough because you cannot give appropriately with some mirrors. But it is the best one for doing makeup on the neck.

This mirror is very famous for another job. Do you know? I’m telling. For travel, it’s the best choice for the traveler who loves to makeup in the trip. The reason is that you can fold the suction cup of the mirror and can take it in your bag.

Setup processing is effortless. Just attach on the smooth wall, and there has a lock-unlock system that you clockwise move its locked and its difficult to extract from the wall and anticlockwise move it will be unlocked then it will get in your hands.


  • When you touch the mirror, the LED light will be ON, and you can see every pore, pimple blackhead, etc. everything.
  • Cordless, Just Three batteries needed on the back of mirror.
  • It is swivel rotates 360 °, you can get this into any angle that you need.
  • Can fold suction cup then it will be easy to carry in bag.


  • The LED lights are little bright to replace the natural lighting.
  • Sometimes touch does not work smoothly.

6. Jerdon: Tri-Fold Two-Sided Mirror


  • Tri Fold mirror
  • 4 Adjustable light settings
  • 1x and 5x magnification options

If you want to check your skin care regular, then Jerdon mirror can help you. How? At first, I tell some details of this product.

It is trifold mirror, four different light adjusting settings, two lights are on the left-right side of the middle mirror. And Middle mirror can shift up-down. One portion of the middle mirror is 5x Magnification, and another portion is Normal view.

There has a leg system on the back side that helps it to stand anywhere.

The best feature is you can use in four types of environment. There has four different light adjusting settings: Day, Office, Evening, Home. So you can set brightness when your necessary time.

The two mirrors on the two side will help to show your full face. And you can do your makeup flawlessly.


  • Trifold, two side mirrors attached that do perfect makeup
  • You can select a magnification mirror or regular mirror easily by flip middle mirror.
  • 4 adjustable light control settings that I have described.
  • Can be placed anywhere


  • Need cord for plug-in where others not need.
  • This mirror does not have advantages for travel.
  • It is very lightweight that may fall from the table.

7. Sanheshun: Travel Make up Mirror


  • 7X Magnifying
  • Easy Touch ON/OFF Button
  • 360° rotation

The Sanheshun mirror is excellent for traveling things because it’s very lightweight than others.

The main features are you will get 7X Magnifying mirror and 360-degree rotations which you can adjust your any required position.

Lock unlock system in the suction cup by twisting cup clockwise and anticlockwise. You can attach any smooth surface areas easily.

Whenever you need to do makeup, you can set by twisting suction cup on the flat wall. When finished, you can quickly open.

Touch button is very smooth. Easily turn on-off by light touching on the button and can adjust brightness by holding button.

If you want something good in 7X Magnifying mirrors, then it would be better because Amazon has good reviews of it.


  • It’s a little less expensive than other lighted mirrors and great.
  • 7X magnification offers the large 5.2 X 5.2″ that shows your face every part clearly.
  • Powerful locking to keep your mirror safe.
  • Flexibility and stylish 360 degree swivel can help you move it at any angle.
  • You can power the lights with only 3 AA batteries.


  • The light was not bright enough for applying makeup. It requires help from another light.
  • The size of the mirror is small and it’s difficult to reposition the suction cup.

8. Herwiss Lighted 180 Degree Rotation Portable Trifold Mirror


Out of stock

The Herwiss mirror has trifold design, superior HD mirror reflectivity and its multipurpose nature.

With the use of this lighted mirror, you don’t need to be worried about the distortions, unstable bases and mirrors flipping over.

It has crystal clear HD view field because of 8 layers of electroplating.

It works on batteries or via its USB. The choice is yours. The light auto shut off after 15 minutes.

The tri-fold mirror has adequate amount of light.


  • A 10x magnification is a solution to a mirror related problems.
  • Enjoy the bright and natural LED lights that brighten up your vanity using our LED lighting system.
  • The light over 10,000 hours.
  • If offers different facilities including touch sensors.
  • 180-degree free rotation system.
  • Best compact mirror with folding options.
  • Powder it from 4 AA batteries or via its USB port.


  • The product doesn’t work in the tilted position.
  • The light is always blinding.
  • The LED lights was harsh and too bright.

9. Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Mirror

CONAIR light-mirror

A necessary element for your vanity, this product is 2-sided mirror which provides proper lighting so you can accent your best features.

You can rotate the mirror clockwise and anticlockwise for regular 7x magnification which is best for exact makeup application or other beauty products.

The picture-perfect reflection glass won’t fog up. Plus this product also available in shiny and oiled bronze finish and you can even clean it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning purpose.

The size and weight of the product is perfect. Lighting on both side of the mirror is great.

You can use this product for multi purposes i.e. threading, eyebrows, black head removing etc.


  • The dual sided mirror.
  • You can rotate it up to 360 degrees.
  • It gives you the lighting for a natural glow.
  • Enjoy the chrome polished finishing.


  • The light on the mirror is unsatisfactory.
  • The size of the mirror is not appropriate for common use.
  • The magnification is low.

10. HotLife LED Mirror with 8 Dimmable Led Lights


The Hotlife LED mirror is made of durable plastic shell and structure to protect the mirror very well.

This product is suitable for all, ages, i.e. ladies, gentlemen, girls, boys, of course, it was made for everybody.

It has 8 dimmable led lights which help you to do your makeup easily even in the poor light conditions.

The double-sided mirror has two features, polished glass and the other side 2x magnification.


  • This portable mirror comes with 8 dimmable LED lights.
  • One side has polished glass and the other side has 2 x magnification.
  • It is perfect for travel, office, or even outdoors.
  • This mirror is 5″ x 3.3″ x 0.4″. It can fit conveniently in your handbag.
  • Four batteries are available with the purchase of the product.


  • The light is not appropriate for smooth makeup.
  • The magnification is very low.

12 Essential Tips to Buy Lighted Mirror for Makeup

There are different mirrors with multiple features available in the market. When you intend to buy one of them, you will surely wait and decide what to choose. The lighted mirror varies from size to other features from one another.

Every single product is best with its specifications. But different products are appropriate for certain tasks. You have to choose the one which suits you the best. Here in this article, I will give you a complete guide on how to choose a perfect light mirror for you.

  1. The small size mirror is small enough to fit into your bag easily, and it is mostly used for traveling. They are compact mirrors and usually work on portable batteries for better light.
  2. The medium size mirrors are portable mirrors that give a larger and clear view of your face. These mirrors can be mounted on the wall and are mostly purchased for the bathroom.
  3. Large size mirrors are vanity mirrors and usually mounted on the wall or vanity dressers. These are big enough to give you a clear view of your whole upper body. These mirrors have high quality LED light bulbs that illuminate the strong and bright light. These are not portable and not affordable for everyone.
  4. Before choosing a mirror, you have to know for what purpose you are going to use it. Because lighted mirrors are available in different sizes and weights. For traveling, you will surely go with light weighted and small sized mirrors. But for table tops, the base and weight should be heavy to ensure its sustainability. For wall mounted or vanity walls, large sized and heavy weighted mirrors are best.
  5. The best mirror is the one which gives you the clear view without any distortion. Distortion is an important aspect you have to check before choosing the lighted mirror for makeup .
  6. When you are buying vanity mirror for your bathroom, always prefer the one which has a hydrophobic coating on it. This coating will prevent the mirror from the fog. Fog will not let you get a clear view of your image.
  7. Magnification is also another important factor, but it varies from person to person some people want high magnification and other will go with low magnification.
  8. As you are buying a “lighted “mirror, so you have to check the light of the mirror before buying it. Always buy a mirror that supports HED lights to illuminate your image.
  9. Many versatile mirrors are available in the market with multiple features. Choose the tiltable mirror; it will give you a wider view of your image.
  10. As you have many options for makeup lighted mirror available. So, consider that how your purchase will influence the interior of your place.
  11. To make sure the durability of the makeup lighted mirrors, always choose the LED lights mirrors. Because LED light goes for a long time and is very durable.
  12. For lighting source, consider the mirror with rechargeable batteries not with the replaceable ones.


The lighted makeup mirror is a must-have in a handbag or in a house. Many people face different problems while purchasing the mirror. Here in this article, I have some of best rated lighted makeup mirror 2018. I have listed the pros and cons of these makeup mirrors of 2018. You have multiple options to choose from. Just go through the details and select the one which suits you the best.  If you have any suggestion please write a comment in below.