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sensitive teethNot many are aware of the causes behind tooth sensitivity. Various factors such as gingivitis or a fractured tooth can lead to this condition.

Many people who want to whiten their teeth and want to be free from dental pain. For that, you need to consult a dentist.

Your dentist will guide you the right way you can choose. But there have other options that can make whitening for sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth happen by receding gums, gingivitis, or cracked teeth
Here in this article, I will discuss 10 whitening products for sensitive teeth available in the market. You should choose any one of them to reduce the teeth problems.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a process to lighten the teeth to replace the natural shade or whitening beyond the natural shade.

It the most popular and used teeth cosmetic to improve the color and indirectly your smile.dr. white teeth

You can visit with a dentist, or you can do it on your own at home (Read – Celebrity teeth whitening secrets), it goes well in both ways.

Mostly it is directed to visit a consultant before trying any new product on teeth.

It is an ongoing process that is not finished once it’s done. You need to repeat it on and off to maintain the brighter shade.

There are several products available in the market like whitening toothpaste or mouthwash, trying whitening pens, strips or trays to whiten your teeth. You can use any one of these that best suits you.

By Dentist suggested, in below we have written reviews of best teeth whitening products over the counter.

There are two main ways of whitening the tooth:

  • Vital whitening worked on teeth that have live nerves.
  • Non-vital whitening is suitable for a tooth that has had root canal treatment and no longer has a live nerve.

Source: https://www.colgate.com/en-us/oral-health/cosmetic-dentistry/teeth-whitening/tooth-whitening

Keep in mind that tooth whitening is not a permanent solution. The stains may come back, and then you can go for re whitening which can be done at home or dentist’s office.

10 Best Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

with a complete description (merits and demerits)

Product NameFeatures
1. Dental Expert ToothpasteMint flavor
Learn more
2. Aura glow Teeth whitening kit
Learn more
3.Pro teeth whitening coActivated charcoal coconut shells
Learn more
4. Dental duty charcoal powderOrganic coconut
Learn more
5. Fiery Youth charcoal powder Natural organic coconut
Learn more
6. Nuvertex auraTeeth whitening kit
Learn more
7. M3 naturals powderPremium charcoal and bentonite clay
Learn more
8. Dr. Song charcoal powderCoconut activated charcoal
Learn more
9. Miswak Club100% natural miswak
Learn more
10. Dental duty toothpasteOrganic coconut oil
Learn more


Dental Duty charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste have top five benefits for their users: Removing bad breath, Whitening teeth, Made with natural ingredients, Made in the USA and It easy to use.

With all the mentioned benefits, this product is a must-have for removing stains and dark spots from teeth.


  • Natural toothpaste with no harmful chemicals and other ingredients.
  • Sensitive teeth and bleeding gums get improve.
  • Free from bad breath.
  • Self-confidence is regained with a perfect pearly smile.
  • Teeth, gums, and tongue will be clean.

The organic whitening charcoal toothpaste prevents tooth decay and good for swollen bleeding gums. The best toothpaste with natural ingredients to help restore the health and strength of your tooth enamel. The product is SLS free, fluoride free, gluten free and peroxide free. A complete natural formula.
Why should you buy the product?
  • Activated Charcoal, a natural alternative for bleach, fluoride and other chemical-filled whitening gels, eliminates coffee, tea, and even smoking stains by restoring your teeth to its original white color.
  • It will the sensitivity of bleeding gums and teeth and will delay up to the tooth decay.
  • It will eliminate all the bad breath you are conscious of.
  • Not only your teeth but also gums and tongue will be clean.
  • It’s all natural formula made with natural ingredients.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • The product is not foamy and tastes like vegetable oil.
  • Not very effective.
  • The taste is not good.
  • A messy product to deal with.

9. Best Natural Teeth Whitening Kit - Natural Miswak

Miswak club natural teeth whitening now gives you 100% best results. A beautifully designed product to carry with you wherever you go. Your mouth will experience freshness and lightness. No need of toothbrush or toothpaste.
What does the kit comprise of?

  • This natural whitening kit includes 2
  • Two cases for the mask
  • Can use 3 weeks with 1 stick

  • Smile, laugh and talk with confidence. No need to worry about the stains or bad breath.
  • It requires no water and toothpaste.
  • It comes with a beautiful case so that you carry it with you.
  • The product is free from chemical and pesticides.
  • A natural teeth whitener took from the Arak tree which is grown in healthy soil.
  • The results will last for 40 days.

Miswak club natural teeth whitener kit gives you the best results with little or no mess. This natural teeth whitener is grown in healthy soil free of chemicals and pesticides. This product doesn’t affect your oral health. It does not create sensitivity to teeth and any damage to the gums.
Why should you buy the product?
  • A beautifully designed hand packaged box.
  • 100% chemical free and premium-grade miswaks for amazing results.
  • It will remove the bad breath and all the stubborn stains of different foods and beverages.
  • These masks are grown in healthy soil and free of all harmful; pesticides and chemicals.
  • Your confidence will be back again with a beautiful brighter smile.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • The smell and the taste of this mask are not good.
  • It stinks bad even before use.
  • It can mold very easily.
  • It makes an awful squeaking sound when used.

8. Dr. Song - Coconut Activated Charcoal Powder

A natural charcoal tooth whitening powder is a perfect stain removal product to enhance your bright smile. It does not use any harmful chemicals to destroy your oral health. It removes the stains of coffee, tea, wine or other food or beverages spots.


  • A 100 day no hassle creating product.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Made in the USA.
  • All natural and gentle stain remover from teeth.
  • Do not use any chemical.
  • Safe for people with sensitive teeth.
  • Teeth whiten in 30 days or less.

The natural charcoal powder is very effective and easy to use. It gives you amazing results after every use. It removes all the stubborn coffee stains easily. The yellowish layer from your teeth vanishes completely after few uses. The product is available at affordable prices with the best result.
Why should you buy the product?
  • This product is giving you 100% money back guarantee if you didn’t get the results.
  • It’s all natural formula for not comprising on your oral health.
  • It is good for people with sensitive teeth.
  • This natural charcoal powder is free of all the harmful chemicals.
  • It gives you long-lasting results in less than a month.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • The charcoal powder got stuck inside your gums.
  • A time-consuming product to use.
  • The black splatter is unavoidable.
  • Not only it got stuck into your gums but also create a mess on all your sink.
  • The charcoal powder spills out from the container very easily.

7. M3 naturals - Premium Charcoal Powder

The activated coconut charcoal powder gives you an amazingly white smile for a long duration. This product contains non-toxic ingredients for not compromising on your oral health. This charcoal powder will improve your gum health and remove the bad breath.


  • It is an extra strength bright smile formula.
  • All natural ingredients are used in this tooth and gum powder to improve your oral health.
  • A safe enamel
  • One jar last 2-3 months.
  • No stains of cigarette and coffee left.
  • All natural formula to enhance the white teeth.

The product is affordable as well as gives effective results. Now you can whiten your teeth without using any harmful ingredients.
Why should you buy the product?
  • This natural activated coconut charcoal powder will help your smile get white, bright and charming.
  • This product is enamel safe and promotes healthy
  • You can use it along with toothpaste or as a substitute for toothpaste.
  • The teeth whitening powder is here to remove all the stains of cigarette, coffee, wine, and
  • This natural powder does not contains unnatural additives, chemicals, fluoride, fake colors or flavors, and rough salts.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • The taste or texture is not good.
  • Difficult to use product and stains everything you get it on.
  • A messy product discolored the toothbrush, and no clear direction for usage is given.
  • It I difficult to removing it off after using the product.

6. Nuvertex Aura Teeth Whitening Kit - LED light

The vertex aura whitening kit is a perfect product that enhances the natural whitening shade your teeth. It promotes oral health and safe for enamel and tooth sensitivity. This kit is comprised of several elements, all with particular functions. You can trust this product completely to regain your confidence and beautiful smile.

What does the kit comprise of?

  • This aura whitening kit includes 10mL teeth whitening gel syringes, containing 35% carbamide peroxide.
  • It contains a total of 20+ whitening treatments.
  • This whitening kit includes LED light contains five bulbs and accelerator light.
  • A mouth tray to perform both side cleaning at a time.
  • This kit also contains a tray case for storing all the elements in the kit also the instruction manual.

  • The gel is made in the USA.
  • It is gluten-free, kosher, and safe for enamel and produces no tooth sensitivity.
  • No need moulding or boiling , only Mouth tray requires.
  • Use 30 minutes everyday for better results.
  • It removes coffee’s stains, smoking and alcohol more.

The nuvetex whitening kit mesmerized you with the visible results. It will give long lasting and effective results. It will remove all the stains from different things you are using. It will not compromise on your oral health. This product is very convenient in use.
Why should you buy the product?
  • Don’t worry about the stains of coffee, smoke, tea or wine. This vertex aura whitening kit will let you smile with white and bright teeth.
  • This product is effective and affordable.
  • You will get the results after only one wash.
  • With this product, the teeth whitening has now become easier with no sensitivity and pain.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • When one element got broken, there is no replacement of that particular element.
  • It only whitens the spots or stains from the teeth which look worse than before.
  • After consistent use, the gum became swollen and white.
  • Batteries did not work properly.

5. 2oz Activated charcoal Powder - Natural organic coconut

The activated coconut charcoal powder is a natural whitening kit for sensitive teeth solution to whiten your teeth naturally.it is originated from the highest-quality coconut sources. This product is safe and easier for your gums to deal with. This natural charcoal powder removes stains and yellow spots from teeth and gives you a mesmerizing smile.


  • Affordable and convenient to use.
  • It contains 2 oz. of charcoal whitening powder.
  • The product is completely natural and organic.
  • Wide applicability to black as well as yellow teeth.
  • This natural charcoal powder is effective and gives long-lasting
  • Activated charcoal whitening powder freshens up your mouth and promotes your oral health.

This natural charcoal powder has multiple benefits for its users. It will whiten your teeth, do deep cleaning, remove the bad breath and strengthen your teeth. It is a great product for teeth whitening even for people with braces. You can use it daily along brushing your teeth. You will be amazed by the visible surprising results.
Why should you buy the product?
  • You can whiten your teeth at home by using this activated charcoal powder.
  • Now you can save a lot of time and money.
  • This product has been authenticated free of chemicals by ISO and GMPC.
  • Your safety is our ultimate preference; pure natural ingredients guarantee your safety.
  • This product is especially for people with black teeth and yellow teeth caused by smoking, tea, coffee, and
  • It will strongly absorb stains to enhance the natural color.
  • This activated natural charcoal powder can promote oral health and protect your enamel.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • The charcoal powder is difficult to remove from your gums after using.
  • It will make your teeth and gum sensitive for other products too.
  • No proper instructions were mentioned on the product for usage.
  • The product results in red, swollen and painful gum.

4. Dental Duty Charcoal Powder – Organic Coconut

This natural teeth whitening charcoal powder remove the stains and yellowish spots from teeth. This product is all natural and organic that promotes health. It is the safest and healthiest alternative when it comes to effective and natural.


  • All natural tooth and gum powder.
  • Made in the USA.
  • It is safe for sensitive teeth.
  • Organic activated coconut charcoal is used in this product.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

This natural charcoal powder removes stains and helps in whitening teeth. It promotes whiter teeth and healthier gums because it is without toxic ingredients.it is made with natural ingredients. That’s why it removes tooth stains and bad breadths naturally.
Why should you buy the product?
  • It won’t use any chemicals or bleach.
  • It is more effective other whitening products that can make your tooth polish.
  • It is 100% natural and 100% vegan.
  • Its ingredients won’t mix up with harmful chemicals, artificial colors, and
  • There is no fluoride, hydrogen peroxide, surfactant, or GMO present in this activated coconut powder.
  • It extracts coffee stains, detoxifies smoking mouth, black cavities, bacteria, and gingivitis.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • The powder is harmful for many sensitive gum users.
  • It promotes extra sensitivity of teeth.
  • No change is after using for several days.
  • It doesn’t remove intense spots of smoking.
  • The packaging needs to be changed.

3. Pro Teeth Whitening Co - Activated Charcoal Coconut Shells

The activated charcoal powder made with coconut shells polishes your teeth and gives you fresh breath. This product is meant for purely teeth whitening. It is more effective than any other gel, strips, toothpaste, and tooth whitening kit.


  • Natural & vegan-friendly
  • Natural teeth polish to prevent from any stains.
  • It also works against plaque, tannins, and stains on teeth.
  • The best choice for any dental issue.
  • The charcoal’s work by absorbing heavy metals.

This activated charcoal powder removes stains and whitens up your teeth. It fights bacteria and promotes oral health by adding freshness to your breath. Its porous surfaces attach to the toxins and impurities on the teeth and remove it instantly.
Why should you buy the product?
  • NO synthetic additives and colors, preservatives are present.
  • No foaming agents, artificial flavors, and fluoride, etc.
  • It aims to provide high quality, safe and effective best teeth whitening kits at affordable prices.
  • You can immediately notice the whitening and plaque benefits.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • No clear information is written on the instruction manual.
  • It is difficult to wipe off.
  • It may cause tooth and gum sensitivity.
  • This charcoal is often hard to use.
  • It causes irritation and swelling in the gums.

2. Aura Glow - Teeth Whitening Kit LED Light

Aura glow whitening kit gives you amazing results in less than 30 minutes. It gives you fast results and better than any other product and dentist visit. It will save your money from spending on dentist tour. This product will whiten your teeth in less money and less time as compared to other product.

What does the kit comprise of?

  • LED Light that speed up the whitening process (batteries included).
  • (2) 5mL Whitening Gel Syringes, which is safe for enamel (20 treatments).
  • One-Size-Fits-All Mouth Tray that allows upper and lower teeth whitening at the same time (no molding required).
  • Mouth Tray Storage Case.
  • Detailed Instructions for proper use.

  • Accelerator lights speed up the whitening process.
  • Whitening gel syringes are gluten-free, kosher, and safe for enamel and produce no tooth sensitivity.
  • Mouth tray fits any mouth and allows you to whiten the top and bottom teeth at the same time comfortably.
  • It’s good to use at least 30 minutes a day
  • A traycase is present for storing the mouth tray.

Best teeth whitening kit with light Aura glow is the all in one product that gives an amazing result. This kit comprises of several parts that work together to give amazing results. This product removes stains and yellowish layer from the tooth. And helps to maintain the natural glow.
Why should you buy the product?
  • It gives better results after one
  • Light bulbs are attached to mouth try for hands-free
  • No sensitivity or pain after using this kit.
  • It whitens tooth surface as well as tooth crevices.
  • It is safe for enamel.
  • It is made up of high grade, BPA free silicone.
  • It helps remove plaque.
  • No molding or boiling required.
  • It gives professional results at home.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • A difficult process to start up.
  • A long and time-consuming process to depend on.
  • Every unit of the kit is dependent on other if one fails the whole kit fails.
  • You may face slight problems while attaching the pieces of kit.
  • The design of the product is not good. When light falls out of the mouthpiece, then the system stopped working.

1. Dental Expert Activated Charcoal - Mint Flavor

The active whitening charcoal toothpaste which is good for many functions like removing bad breath, whitening stained tooth, improve oral health and many more. It is a reliable and an effective dental cleaning formula that brings ease and convenience with teeth whitening.

This product is a high-quality product that delivers what it promises to deliver. This product makes use of natural ingredients to not harm your dental health. This is safe, non-toxic and activated charcoal toothpaste to remove the yellow stains from the tooth.


  • A super-saver tube for excellent results.
  • A whitener and stain removing a product that polishes teeth strengthens enamel and freshens breath.
  • All natural ingredients are used in the product.
  • No artificial colors or chemicals are used and are 100% safe for use by adults.
  • Get your teeth sparkling white, and enjoy a fresh breath that improves your public confidence.
  • Your satisfaction is our obligations. It’s a guarantee!
  • Non-toxic, safe and activated charcoal formula.
  • It is free from fluoride and sulfate.
  • Improves oral health.
  • Removes stains and discoloration.
  • Delivers what it promises to deliver.

The activated charcoal toothpaste improves your oral health as well as gives you refreshing breadth. This product is meant to remove yellowish stains from your teeth. No artificial flavor and color are used in the product. You can regain your lost self-esteem as well as shattered confidence.
Why should you buy the product?
  • It is the best teeth whitening toothpaste available in the market to remove stains and yellowish layer from the tooth.
  • It gives your mouth a pleasant smell and fresh breath.
  • You need not worry about the taste.
  • No compromise on quality.
  • It doesn’t only removes the bad breadth but also improves the oral health.
  • You can enjoy the refreshing mint breadth.
  • No artificial colors or taste material is used in this product.
  • This product performs many functions at one time.
  • You can regain your lost confidence and self-esteem.

What are the drawbacks of this product?
  • It can cause sensitivity.
  • It is too abrasive on the teeth.
  • It may lead to gum recession.
  • The quantity of the toothpaste cannot be enough for repetitive usage.
  • The black charcoal color can be problematic for some users.
  • Very foamy toothpaste in nature.
  • Mostly, the product size is equivalent of travel size tube.

Why do we need teeth whitening?

Your natural tooth color is affected by different factors, i.e., aging, drinking coffee, tea or cold drink. To avoid the yellowish layer covering your natural shade, you need to whiten your teeth. Every individual id different from other, the difference ranges from hair color to tooth color. Some have natural yellowish color, but others may get this due to some reasons.

We need to whiten our yellowish teeth because of several different reasons. Some of them are:

  • To get a beautiful smile.
  • To regain the confidence.
  • For a younger appearance.
  • For a special event like wedding or birthday.
  • To eliminate staining or yellowish material from your tooth.
  • To polish the self-esteem and gain the positive impression.

With growing age, where people don’t want to show how the aging factor is destroying their physical beauty, they go for tooth whitening. Some people need teeth whitening to remove the stains of food and drinks from teeth.

Just keep in mind that best professional teeth whitening doesn’t last forever, the results last up to 6 to 12 months. There are chances that you may face side effects like sensitivity after teeth whitening. So get ready for all the expected issues with an open heart.


These are the 10 best teeth whitening products reviews. A complete description with all their advantages and disadvantages is available in this article. As every person is different is different from others, so there are choices also differentiates from each other. Some prefer toothpaste for their teeth whitening other go for charcoal powder.

With knowing all the existing differences, the discussion on best whitening for sensitive teeth comprises all different products that are available in the market. It is advised to before using any product, visit a dentist to discuss the details about the product.

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