LED lighting has a variety of uses, from lighting highways and parking lots to football stadiums and office buildings. Using an LED bulb for garage door openers is yet another way to benefit from their use. Many people worry that using an LED bulb will interfere with the radio transmissions of their remote control to the garage door sensor or that it limits the range of its use. However, there are LED bulbs that eliminate the problem by cloaking the electromagnetic fields caused by the lights.

You can not use any LED Bulbs in garage door opener. To make it easier we’ve listed Best 5 garage door opener light bulb reviews

Benefits of LED light bulb

Resistant – LED bulbs are strong enough to endure weather extremes. This makes a difference when you live in areas that can be very hot during the summer or exceptionally cold throughout the winter. Many bulbs are tested to withstand temperatures as cold as -30 Fahrenheit. They are also good at handling the dampness caused from long rains and high humidity.

Durability – Incandescent lights are easily broken, especially after they have sat in the cold for several hours before turning on again. One shake can break the light. However, LED bulbs can easily withstand the rough vibrations caused by the opening and closing of heavy garage doors. In this case, there is no need to worry about glass shattering from heavy shaking regardless of how long it has sat unused.

Efficiency – These LED bulbs are very energy efficient as well.There is a noticeable difference between the amounts of wattage they use compared to the electricity usage of other normal household items. A halogen light uses 40 watts of electricity, and a curling iron will use far more – 150 watts. A toaster oven takes as much as 1200 watts to power. Most LED bulbs for garage will use as little as 10 watts of electricity.

Saving You Money – Because many of these light reduce use a low amount of lumens to emit light, they use less power. This translates into a more savings on your utility bill. Moreover, even if the lumens are as low as 300, an LED will still provide extreme brightness that is sufficient enough to light your entire garage.

Longevity – LED bulbs last far longer than normal florescent bulbs. In fact, the LED bulbs will last as much as 25% longer. The average shelf life for LED bulbs, with the assumption that they are used two to three hours per day, is as long as 25,000 hours. No need to worry about changing the bulb every two months.


Mild Temperature – LED lighting emits very little heat. This quality is particularly important. Regular bulbs contain air. When that air grows cold, the heat from the copper wire can cause the bulb to expand rapidly. This in turn will burst the glass or increase its susceptibility to breakage.

No Worries About House Fires – Incandescent bulbs, if left on for even a minute, will scorch a finger or two if you touch one. These traditional bulbs use as much as 75 watts of electricity, so the heat they emit can grow extremely hot. If placed close to flammable materials like plastics or cloth, one bulb could cause a house fire. Because LED remain relatively cool, there is little concern regarding fires.

Top 5 best LED light bulbs for garage door opener 2018 list

1. GENIE LED60 Watt (800 Lumens), 2 PacksCheck Price
2. HYPERIKON LED4ft Utility Garage Light 38W, 4 PacksCheck Price
3. Sky Genius25W Corn Light BulbCheck Price
4. TORCHSTAR100W, 1600 Lumens, 4 PacksCheck Price
5. MIRACLE LED100W Garage Door/Shop/Fan Light Bulb (2-Pack)Check Price


The genie LED bulb is one of the best garage door opener light bulb. Its design specifically fits the garages. Usually, they are made to reduce disturbances at the openers on the garage doors.


  • Compared to the traditional LED bulbs that produce noise that affects radio frequencies, the genie LED bulb is noise free and it does not affect radio frequencies.
  • Also, it’s built in a way that they suites the extreme environment in the garages.
  • It illuminates a damp garage to low-level temperatures of -30C because they are made in such a way that they are cold tested and damp locations rated.
  • In addition, it can also condone shaking forces caused by the vibration of the garage door and thus restrain it from breakage. This is because it is made from materials which are resistant to vibration and shatter.
  • Moreover, it is made in a way that they can suit any major garage doors.
  • Lastly, it’s efficient in providing energy and can operate for up to approximately 3 years. It depends on local utilities. It saves energy despite being very bright and only uses 60 watts of power.


  • It is not that durable compared to other garage door openers.
  • It is had to install because the manual doesn’t outline clearly on how to install.

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Most of the Hyperikon products are known to be highly durable and reliable. The Hyperikon LED shop light bulb consumes approximately 38 watts of power. In addition, it is equipped with a pull chain that aids in putting on and off. Its measurement in length is 48 inches; in height are 6 inches and 12 inches in width.


  • It is long lasting and can last up to 45000 hours. It comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Also, it is light and presentable and has a cord that connects to the switch.
  • It consumes less electricity thus saving energy.
  • It is noise free. This makes it not to cause interferences by affecting the radio frequencies.
  • Lastly, it’s ultra-violet light and mercury free. This makes it eco-friendly.


  • Switching on and off can pose a challenge if the difference in distance between ceiling and workstation is big.
  • The modern interiors don’t supplement accordingly with the ancients built.

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This is one of the best light bulbs for garage door opener, it’s strong and durable because its housing is made of pure aluminum.It is of high quality and can withstand high temperatures. Moreover, it produces a light color which is not blurred and also it does not heat up.


  • It is so bright though it only consumes 25 watts of power. This helps in saving the energy instead of using the incandescent bulbs which consumes ten times what it consumes.
  • It’s long lasting and it gets upgraded each year. For instance the year 2017 versions are upgraded versions of the year 2016.
  • Its housing is made from a type of aluminum called aviation that enables dissipation of heat and make it corrosion resistance.
  • It can be used in many ways because of its unique features of energy saving and its long-lasting capability, though the best fit is the outdoor lighting projects.
  • Another good advantage of this bulb is that it has an IC that is highly rated and intelligent that makes it be long-lasting.
  • It illuminates the light all over the area it is fitted to serve.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Last but not the least, it is easy to install.


  • It’s color temperatures seem colder.
  • It is non-dimmable.

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It is one of the best light bulbs for garage door opener on the market today. It is designed in a way that it reduces radio frequency effects and it fits most major garage . It has no flickers or hummers making it suitable for operation garage.


  • It has less interference because it is resistant to impact and vibrations.
  • It has a good performance. This is because it’s of high quality and also durable.
  • It suits humid and damp conditions and locations.
  • It’s noise free and causes no disturbances. It is built in a way that it eliminates radio frequencies making it have a smooth operation.
  • It’s so bright despite its low power consumption of just 15 watts with a light intensity of 1600lm and enables clear vision. This makes it an energy saving bulb with high efficiency.
  • It illuminates all they the area they are supposed to. This includes all angles. This provides a clear and a better vision making it the best.
  • It is long lasting and can last up to 18 years. This helps in reducing the replacement costs and maintenance.
  • It is eco-friendly. This is because it is free from mercury and ultraviolet lights which may affect your vision.


  • Its quality control is poor.
  • It is non-dimmable.

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This bulb saves a lot of energy with its minimal consumption of just 12 watts of power. Also, it doesn’t dissipate heats. Moreover, it is one of the finest bulbs in the market today and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. It has a wide of applications. For instance, it can be used in the garage, in homes and also in shops.
It can be used at the garage door opener, in the fans, or in places that experience high vibrations that may damage the normal bulbs.

It has a long lifespan of about 20000 hours. It is manufactured with elements that do not pollute the environment thus meaning it is free from lead and mercury. It uses a LED chip that is so efficient and facilitates energy saving.


  • It dissipates no or minimal heat thus making it safe.
  • It does not produce any substance that may pollute the environment this making it eco-friendly.
  • It is resistant to vibrations and shocks. This enables it to withstand the continuous vibrations on the garage door opener.
  • It is energy saving this is because of its low consumption per hour. This makes it efficient and the best to be used.
  • Last but not the least, it is long-lasting. This facilitates the reduction in cost.


  • It is not that durable compared to other garage door openers.
  • It is not that powerful.

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Last Words

LED light bulbs for garage door openers offer many more benefits than incandescent. Save money and stay safe with an LED.