🥇💡Long Lasting and Energy Savings 10 Best LED Parking Lot Lights Reviews 2024

10 Best LED Parking Lot Lights Advancements in technology and the intense competition within the parking lot lighting industry have delivered numerous advantages to consumers.

Thanks to this, we now have access to the best LED parking lot lights. The competition has even made them more affordable and easier to come by. Struggling with the poor lighting of regular lights finally belongs to the past.

LED parking lights are seeing more and more use cases every day. Their reliability is not the only thing that gave them their reputation. The availability and performance also play important roles in this.

In fact, LED lights have outperformed their older cousins, halogen and HID lights in several categories. LED lights:

  • Produce significantly less heat
  • Have an amazingly long lifespan
  • Generate a better light spectrum
  • Use significantly less energy

Now while all these reasons may have convinced you to get one of these lights yourself, our obligation is to inform you that not all LED lights are the same. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing making the purchasing decision harder. In fact, the LED lights market is flooded with these products. This is why purchasing one of these can easily turn into a daunting task if you want to find a perfect fit.

To help you out, we have combed through the parking lot led lights that Amazon offers. We compared numerous products. Among many things, we made sure to identify the ones that come with a good lifespan, offer great lighting, and are affordable. We have also made sure to take LED light price, size, intensity, and power consumption into account.

We hope that you will be satisfied with what we have found for you. Here are the 10 best commercial led parking lot lights on the market.

10 Best LED parking lot lights Listed

RankImageProduct NameWattColor BrightnessOur RatingPrice
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STASUN300W27000 LumensA+🏆
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NextGen II300W40,500 LumensA
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AntLux LED Flood Light150W18000 LumensA
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Adiding150W19500 LumensA
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Dephen150W20500 LumensB+
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LEDMO200W26000 LumensA+🏆
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LEONLITE150W18000 LumensA
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Hyperikon200W24000 LumensA+🏆
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WYZM300W36000 LumensA
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Hykolity200W26000 LumensA
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1. STASUN: Cree LED Security Light “300W”

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This bright jewel comes from STASUN and it’s one of the best led lights for parking lots. When it comes to the LED parking lot flood lights, 300W LED security light coming from this company qualifies as one of the best. It emits 27,000 lumens high brightness, which is equivalent to a 900 W halogen bulb.

The unique back case and flawless engineering enable this LED light to remain cool, even when it’s used for a long time. It features the Cree LED chips, which are exceptionally thin and generate very low heat. Cree is a leader in the solid-state lighting industry when it comes to the efficiency and brightness of LEDs.

Long-lasting performance is further secured by the shock-resistant PC lens and die-cast aluminum casing. This product is shatter, shock, and vibration resistant.


  • Very easy to install and use
  • Great light intensity and well-distributed illumination
  • Energy efficient and eco-friendly
  • High-quality product, built to last
  • Adjustable illumination thanks to the two pivoting heads
  • It features a high-quality and reliable Cree LED chips

The lifetime on this one is great, as it’s bound to last 10 times longer than any other traditional incandescent light – the lifespan is 50,000 hours. The applied waterproof technology enables it to be mounted even in wet locations. This makes it the best led flood lights outdoor. This product doesn’t support dimmable light.

To achieve maximum illumination, the manufacturer specifies to mount the light on a wall at a height of 20 ft. This light can easily illuminate 600 square yards of space. Even if you won’t be able to mount it this high, you can still increase the illumination thanks to the two adjustable heads.

Both of these can pivot max 330 degrees side to side, allowing the users to manually adjust the light and change the point of illumination. Which is great for tightly packed neighborhoods and other urban areas.

2. NextGen II Series: LED Area and Parking lot Light “300W”

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NextGen II Series LED lights are built to help you save extra cash without having to sacrifice the light output. These lights feature SMD 3030 LED modules. Each one of these modules produces 135 lumens per watt. Their lifespan is 36,000 hours, during which the manufacturer guarantees that the light output will never drop below 90%.

The electronics and LED modules are placed inside an industrial-grade casing made of aluminum. It features high strength and damage resistance. This is why these lights are some of the most durable ones on the market.

The long lifespan is backed up by the improved heat dissipation system. The waterproof tech is there to help you use this light with no worries, even if you live in a rainy area.


  • Great lifespan of LED chips
  • Increased durability thanks to the industrial-grade casing
  • Clear and very bright light
  • Convenient use thanks to the photocell
  • Easy to install and adjust the direction of light
  • Energy efficient
  • Great performance-to-price ratio
  • Great versatility

What makes this product attractive is the bright light it produces. In fact, we are talking about 40,00 lumens bright light powered by a 300-watt LED. To put things in perspective, this amount of light can replace a 1000-watt HPS/HID or halogen light. Bright clear light is ensured by the 5000k light color.

This product comes with a photocell so that you can have it automatically turn on and off. If you don’t need it, you can easily remove it. The adjustable slip mount comes as part of the package. You can fit it on any of the standard circular poles (2 – 2.14 inches).

The slip mount is what makes this product versatile. You can adjust the light as you please and precisely point the light towards the area you want.

3. AntLux:LED Flood Light “150W”

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AntLux gives us a product that can easily be one of the best LED flood lights. When it comes to outdoor LED flood lights, a 150 watt one will provide you with all the output you’ll need – 18,000 lumens will keep your area brightly illuminated. The low energy consumption will help you reduce your electricity bill by up to 80%.

The 5000K light color ensures clear light and significantly improves the vision without affecting the eyes. This product is also very well-designed, and it will complement even some of the most modern architectural styles.

The performance and durability of this product have satisfied our criteria. The manufacturer used die-casting aluminum casing. This not only effectively protects the LED light but it also ensures above average heat dissipation. This is really important, as low temperatures enable LED lights to last longer.


  • Bright light that doesn’t hurt the eyes
  • Very light and easy to handle
  • Yoke mount allows users to point it wherever they want
  • Great product design
  • Top-notch durability
  • Extra protection from bad weather

The casing is waterproof, which makes this light a perfect solution for people living in a wet climate. The waterproofing also protects the light from very bad weather, where wind can divert extra rain to outdoor objects.

This product features the yoke mount. This mount is convenient for many people because it leaves them with a lot of freedom. You can use the yoke mount to position and reposition the light to get the best effect. The yoke mount also allows positioning at almost any angle so that the users can point the light at the right direction. More importantly, the yoke mount ensures a hassle-free and fast installation.

4. Adiding:3-Type Mounts “150W”

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Since we know that some of you prefer to use commercial led pole lights, we have found a perfect product for you – the Adiding LED parking lot light. This product delivers a super bright light. It has 150 watts, producing 130 lumens per watt. This gives you 19500 lumens of light, which is equivalent to a 600 watt sodium or halogen lamp.

The light emits a 5700K bright white light to ensure the users can see clearly. The light so bright that it almost appears as daylight. It can also serve as another security level, for both your vehicle and house.

To help you save even more energy, this product comes with a photocell sensor and a shorting cap. If you leave it on, the light will automatically turn off at dawn and turn back on at dusk – a perfect solution for people living busy lives and those who want to reduce their electrical bills.


  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Very bright light
  • Photocell enables automatic on/off mode
  • Extended lifespan
  • High-quality LED chips
  • Easy installation and handling
  • High product versatility thanks to 3 mounting options
  • Protection from high voltages

Adiding did a great job to extend the lifespan of their product. They have added waterproof technology to make this light withstand rain and bad weather. There is also a heat dissipation tech in place to cool the LED light off and ensure a long life of LED chips.

There is another thing that makes this product unique. It comes with 3 types of mounting options that allow you to mount this light on a pole or wall. These mountings are:

  • Trunnion mounting
  • Arm mounting
  • Slip fitter (SF) mounting

Thanks to several mounting options, this LED light solution is very versatile and can be put almost anywhere you need it.

5. Dephen: LED Shoebox Pole Lights “150W”

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Dephen has done a really good job with this 150 watt shoebox led light. Despite the fact that this light operates on 150 watts, it’s able to deliver the same amount of light as a 500 watt HID or metal halide light. It starts emitting light the moment the light turns on – there is no flickering or any humming noises.

This product delivers a tremendous 135 lumens per watt thanks to the top-notch highly efficient Philips LED chips inside it. With 20250 lumens of light output, you will get great area coverage and better visibility, while cutting down your electricity bills.

To ensure even better light distribution and enable customers to install lights according to their own specifications, Dephen delivers this product with a slip fitter mount. This type of mount supports installation at various angles. Thanks to this, the number of uses for this product has significantly increased. You can find it in parking lots, streets, plazas, and many other public areas.


  • Industrial-grade durability
  • Long lifespan thanks to the secondary heat sink
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Top-notch Philips LED chips
  • Additional layers of protection from corrosion
  • Great waterproof system

Like all the other products on our list, it doesn’t just shine in terms of efficiency but also in the durability department. The manufacturer has placed LED chips and electronics inside a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum casing. The polyester powder-coating finish and additional sealing methods, Dephen has protected this product from corrosion, rust and other contaminants.

Heat dissipation is backed up by the integral secondary heat sink, ensuring a long lifespan of electronics and LED chips. This product also features a waterproof system and can be installed in wet and damp locations.

6. LEDMO: 5000K LED Shoebox Pole Light

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Our best recommendation comes from LEDMO, a brand that works for better lighting solutions.This option stands out in terms of precision. For those who want evenness of light, LEDMO has developed just the model for you.

This product is known for excellent quality light transmittance, with up to 99% uniform light output. As a result, illumination will be expansive and well-distributed.

This is a favorable quality if you would like to light your space with the fewest lights possible. Aside from balanced projection, this light is also very bright, operating at 200W and 26,000 lumens.

This LEDMO light has many desirable qualities. It’s designed to be lightweight and have exceptional heat dissipation, but at the same time it’s made of aluminum and is extremely durable.

It is also weather resistant, but in case of any problem you may run into, the purchase includes warranty, and you just have to contact LEDMO if you have a concern. But with a 50,000 hour lifetime, its performance is rather promising.

This light can be installed either by split fit mount or by direct arm, making replacements simple. This light includes the dusk to dawn function, which is made possible by photocell technology, where the lights are controlled by a sensor that sits within a blue cap and reads the quality of light around it. It’s non-dimmable, but also non-flickering and non-buzzing. The angle of the light beam ranges from 80 to 150 degrees. But there’s still more.


  • Precise lighting with up to 99% uniform light output
  • Very bright at 26,000 lumens
  • Lightweight with good heat dissipation
  • Simple installation
  • Non-flickering and non-buzzing
  • No UV or IR radiation
  • Photocell sensor for automatic on/off

LEDMO is an environmentally conscious brand, so their lights are energy-saving and they don’t emit UV or IR radiation. They offer thoroughly bright and precise light, a structure that is both lightweight and durable, and a promise that your purchase will withstand time, all for the solid price(see price on amazon) . Choose this light if a wide variety of perks appeal to you.

7. LEONLITE: 150W Ultrabright LED Parking Lot Light

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Our 7th recommendation is a product of LEONLITE, the environmentally friendly brand. If your priority is energy-saving, this is the light for you.

The brand utilises their expertise in LED technology to manufacture high-quality energy-saving products. LEONLITE aims to provide eco-friendly lights without compensating quality.

This light operates at 150 watts, which allows for energy-savings of up to 67 percent. At a brightness of 18,000 lumens, it is not the strongest of these options, but it is certainly efficient. And, being an LED light, it will surely be bright enough, since LEDs put out more than ten times the lumens than a regular light bulb.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy-saving
  • Flexible installation
  • DLC and ETL listed
  • Low price
  • Photocell sensor for automatic on/off

Furthermore, the installation process is flexible; it involves an adjustable arm that rotates 90 degrees both ways, making it adaptable to its environment.

The installed photocell enables the lights to be powered on and off automatically in response to the light setting of their surroundings. Another positive of choosing LEONLITE is that your purchase will be thoroughly protected.

The lights come with warranty and they are DLC and ETL listed to ensure high quality and safe operation.LEONLITE’s parking lot lights are great for those who want to choose a product that is backed by an environmentally conscious brand.

What could be better than an eco-friendly parking lot light? An eco-friendly parking lot light with a great price. LEONLITE’S price rate makes it the cheapest option from our selection. What’s not to love?

8. Hyperikon: 200W LED Shoebox Pole Light

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This next recommendation comes from Hyperikon, whose lights are extremely durable. If heavy duty comes to mind when thinking about the right lights for your parking lot, you might want to check out this model.

It’s very sturdy and shines at 24,000 lumens for at least 45,000 hours. Hyperikon lights are built with patented surge protection technology that will save you from having to do lots of maintenance on your light fixtures.

They are made of aluminum and completely heat, impact, and dust resistant. But Hyperikon has more to offer than just durability.Since this model includes a photocell sensor, the lights will turn off as the sun is rising and the sensor detects enough light, and then they will turn on as the sun sets and the sensor detects an absence of light.

This light is equipped with a smooth modern LED dimming feature that can be set from 20 to 100 percent to control the look of your space according to your needs and preferences and the light rays shine at a wide angle of about 150 degrees. Not only does this Hyperikon product have warranty, their customer service team is available to be contacted 24/7, even though the install should go smoothly using the included easy mount.


  • Extremely durable
  • Very bright at 24,000 lumens
  • Heat, impact, and dust resistant
  • Dimmable from 20 to 100 percent
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Included easy mount for installation
  • Photocell sensor for automatic on/off

While this price is on the heavier side, so are the benefits. Hyperikon offers a long-lasting product that includes a bright dimmable light and accessible customer service at all times. Being able to call in the middle of the night should something go wrong with your lights is a huge advantage.

This product price is the perfect purchase for someone living in an area with extreme weather. If you want to install very sturdy lights, Hyperikon has the model for you.

9. WYZM: 300W LED Shoebox Area Light

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This recommendation is the brightest of them all. WYZM offers a 36,000 lumen LED light. If you need extreme brightness on your property, consider this product. Despite the strong 300 watt projection that this light gives off, it won’t overheat. This model is resistant to temperature sensitivity, and it’s also dustproof. WYZM definitely pays attention to detail when constructing their lights.

This light is made of a die-cast aluminum housing and uses a refined LED light source. The bulbs shine up to 180 degrees wide and give off a specific 5500K daylight color tone for a pure white rather than a yellow glow. WYZM says the resulting light is brighter and ignites faster.


  • Incredibly bright at 36,000 lumens
  • Resistant to temperature sensitivity
  • Dust proof
  • Refined LED light source
  • Shines up to 180 degrees wide
  • True white tone
  • 10 year warranty
  • Photocell sensor for automatic on/off

But luminosity is not the only outstanding feature of this product; it also has the longest warranty of our selection, providing 10 years of protection. Considering that LED lights typically last around five years, a 10-year guarantee is auspicious.

The photocell technology included with this light reduces consumption by up to 50 percent. With superior brightness and an extensive guarantee comes a higher price.

This light is the most expensive from our list. Nonetheless, its advantages justify its cost. If you need extreme brightness, choose this light from WYZM.

10. Hykolity: 200W LED Parking Lot Light

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Our last parking lot light recommendation comes from the established company, Hykolity. If you care most about the credibility of the brand behind the product, this is the one for you.

The brand name represents the California based company’s mission to delivery high-quality lighting fixtures. Hykolity has been in production since 2011 nd is one of the most well-known brands in the industry. They are recognized for selling excellent products at excellent prices.

This Hykolity light prides itself on its design and functionality. The LED parking light is built with a modern style and lighting angle adjustability. It functions as a powerful level of 26,000 lumens. The exterior is also well made, formed by a die casting aluminum body with a powder coating for efficient heat dissipation.

The product has three distinct installation methods: arm, slip fitter, and trunnion, and uses an adjustable slip fitter mount. The light features a dimming system that ranges all the way from 10 to 100 percent.


  • Credible brand
  • Modern style
  • Heat dissipation
  • Dimming system
  • Low price
  • Photocell sensor for automatic on/off

As an added bonus, Hykolity provides a rebate offer. Their lights are DLC Complied and therefore eligible for state and nationwide rebate programs.

Thanks to photocell technology, there is no need to activate and deactivate this light manually. Moreover, Hykolity offers this light at a low price. This light has all of the benefits you could desire: easy installation, smart design, extreme brightness, and more.

Buy Hykolity if you are looking for a versatile light provided by an established brand at an affordable price.

Types of LED Parking Lot Light

There are countless models of parking lot lights. Why choose LED? In this section, we’ll explain the advantages of LED lights and the distinct assets that certain models have to offer. To begin with, LED lights, compared to incandescent lights, consume 90% less energy and emit more lumens per watt, regardless of their size or shape. They also require less maintenance than traditional lights, are better for the environment, and last longer. Considering all of these benefits, how could you not choose LED lights?

When looking to install LED lights in a parking lot, there are multiple types to choose from. In order to find the correct product for your property, we compared the different models and their benefits. Then, we’ll provide you with our ten recommended products on Amazon and explain why these are the best models on the market.

Pole LightThe pole light is the traditional method for illuminating parking lots. It is comprised of a tall beam that is anchored into the ground and supports a light at the top. Pole lights can be beneficial for wide-open lots. They can also be helpful for creating organized division in your parking lot, for example by displaying numbers that help people locate their cars.

Flood LightThe flood light is a powerful light that extends over a larger area. Traditional lights cast a beam of light that is typically no wider than 45 degrees. The beam of a flood light can span up to 120 degrees. The result is a larger amount of illumination using the same wattage as a spotlight. If you need to illuminate a very large space, flood lights may be the most efficient choice for your parking lot.

CanopyThe canopy light is a large square light that suspends from the ceiling. This type of light is suitable for covered parking lots, where suspended lights can provide more space on the ground and expansive vertical illumination. Not having to make room on the ground for light fixtures is a huge advantage. If you want to optimize the space in your covered parking lot, the canopy light is a great option.

Wall packsThe wall pack is a type of light that is usually mounted on the exterior walls of a building. They are a good alternative to pole lights, because you can attach them to existing infrastructure rather than installing new support beams. This type of light is ideal for a smaller parking lot that is surrounded by buildings.

Buyer Guides

What You Should Know About Parking Lot LED Lights

When you are shopping for parking lot light bulbs and flood lights, we advise you to do your homework. The more information you gather during the research phase the better purchasing decision you will be able to make. This is why we recommend that you look at this process as an investment and not a simple money spending activity. After all, we are talking about your security.

Where to start? To find the best LED parking lot lights and ensure that it’s the right fit, you have to answer the following questions:

1. How big is the area that you want to illuminate?

Answering this question will help you determine the amount of lumens in your future LED light, and how high it should be positioned. This also brings the question of the type of mounting but we will address this one a little bit later.

The illumination depends on the number of LED chips. You should always check this in the specification of an LED light. Lumens are also associated with power consumption. But as you could see, a 150w LED light produces light 4 times more efficiently than halogen lights.

2. How tight is the space where you want to place your LED light?

This is a really important question, because not all LED light solutions have the same mounting type.

If you don’t have much freedom, you might want to go with mounting options that support numerous angles, or the ones that have a pivoting head(s). In this case, outdoor floodlight is the one that you can mount properly. If you are planning to mount an LED light on a pole, make sure to check the mount type.

Straight arm is better suited for a light pole. If you have a round pole, you might need to get an adapter to mount your new LED light. On the other hand, a yoke mount allows you to install the light as you see fit. The best outdoor flood lighting products we went through feature different mount types. Choose the one that your current installation supports.

3. Do you want to manually turn it off and on?

If your answer is yes, then you don’t necessarily need LED lights with a photocell. But if you don’t want to manually turn it on and off, a photocell is mandatory. The photocell will turn on your LED light at dusk and turn it off at dawn.

As you could see, some of the products we mentioned above have a photocell that can be switched off. Choosing one of these gives you an extra option you can use when the need presents itself.

4. Do you live in an area with a rainy or hot climate?

Different elements have different effects on materials and electronics. LED chips are very sensitive to the elements. Moisture can cause permanent damage to your lights.

On the other hand, heat can damage LED chips as well. This is why you have to be extra cautious and take the weather seriously. The products that we have listed have extra layers of protection from both hot weather and rain.

Always make sure that you are buying a LED light with a waterproof and/or heat dissipation systems in place. By doing so, you will protect your investment and be able to use and preserve the LED light’s efficiency during its entire lifespan.


Because they are energy efficient, durable, and have a long lifespan, LED parking lot lights have become a very popular lighting type for both indoor and outdoor areas. Hopefully, the list of lights above we have provided will help you make the right purchasing decision.

Now that you know what to look for and which questions to answer, you can easily find the perfect fit for your parking lot.

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