🥇16 Most Popular New Toys for Best Christmas Gifts 2018

The Christmas holidays 2018 are approaching, and this is the list of some of the Most Popular New Toys for Kids, we collect the best gifts products from Amazon for this Christmas so that you can make your Christmas shopping from one place.

Take advantage of the great offers from Amazon. We collected family gifts, for children of all ages, educational and recreational to make the most of all the capabilities of the human brain, Remember that you can buy more than one product at a time to speed up your purchases and have ready the gifts for this Christmas.

List of hottest christmas toys 2018

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Funny Hatchimals for collectibles for girls, just press the egg and a different little animal will come out and while more collections closer you will be of the goal of having all the Hatchimals, they are one of the top christmas toy 2018 for Kids and it would be an excellent gift Christmas for Kids.

You can get long hours of fun with the incredible Hatchimals and have a good time, the Christmas holidays are coming soon and you should know that you will give to your loved ones.


[amazon fields=”B06VVK261Z” value=”thumb”]
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For any party or occasion, a cute teddy bear is one of the christmas gift 2018 toys and this adorable bear will not be the exception, the difference of this nice teddy bear is that he talks and his eyes can change color and with 40 animations different

The factory features are:

  • Teddy Ruxpin is back – smart, innovative, cuddly, and more magical than ever!
  • Families will love his advanced features!
  • Includes color LCD eyes with over 40 animations!
  • Features an animatronic mouth that syncs with his speech!
  • Touch sensors allow kids to control the story & songs!
  • Two Modes of Play! With or without the free App!
  • Read & sing along with the free Teddy Ruxpin App!

Enjoy this incredible teddy bear and give it to your loved ones.


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Bella is an adorable interactive pink monkey, sticks to your finger or you can hang her head on your fingers, if you throw a kiss she will give it back to you.

She has fun yellow hair and is very funny, Bella has other friends of different colors that include white, black, pink, purple, blue and turquoise.

The factory features are:

  • Bella is my name, and I love to grab onto things … especially your fingers!
  • Fingerlings responded to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and silly monkey babble.
  • Blow them kisses and they will kiss you back!
  • Hang them upside down by the tail and watch them monkey around!
  • Pet them to sleep or make a loud noise and watch them get excited!


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This amazing emoji pillow is a great idea as the best gift 2018 for kids because they can give many uses to have fun.

It is made of a very soft and easy to wash material, works as a comfortable pillow to sleep or rest on a long trip and is also a nice decoration for any room.

It has a good design and a good size, and you can collect all the different emojis we have for you.

Enjoy the different emojis to decorate the rooms of your house, get your emoji pillow today and rest on it all night.

5. Fidget DIY Magic Cube

[amazon fields=”B06XF2RV6D” value=”thumb”]
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One of the trending toys 2018 is a bucket for stress reduction, entertainment and is a great help for children or people who have autism in any degree, helps to focus on one thing and think deeply.

It has a soft and very durable surface, something very peculiar and essential is that the buttons do not make noise and is resistant to stains.

Each piece is resistant and very soft at the same time, works perfectly well for children and adults of all ages. It is an excellent option to give at Christmas.


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View-Master VR that With Google Cardboard surrounds you with a 360-degree view of the View-Master experience to enter a world of color and natural beauty.

If you move your head slightly you can feel as if you were standing in the place of the image and you will think that everything is genuine, enjoy a different experience and long hours of fun with this incredible toy.

Wherever you turn, you will find different worlds of things from different parts of the world and beyond. It has long been considered one of the Best Christmas Gifts for kids.


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The Hasbro brand is very famous for bringing to the market a variable collection of board games and family members of excellent quality, and each game has a different theme and purpose.

This time we present the famous Speak Out. This is an amusing grin game, the players take out the deck and read the phrase as best they can.

But it is not so easy to do when the mouthpiece prevents them from forming the words correctly, the fun continues while the players try to decipher what in the world their teammate is trying to say, and they must correctly guess the phrase to win the card.


[amazon fields=”B01G2AWOP0″ value=”thumb”]
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If you like jokes and make others laugh because this Prank Kit is just for you, it is a very cool box that contains 35 different jokes and jokes which include the following:

1 chewing gum, 1 doo puppy, 5 fake assorted lottery tickets (styles vary), 2 ink disappears, 1 Whoopee pillow, 1 rattlesnake Eggs, 1 fake rat, 1 fake spider, 5 fake cockroaches, 3 Chinese wives ( colors vary) 1 fake pet puke, 2 zero dollar bills, 3 joke parking violations, 1 squirt ring, 1 black soap, 1 hand buzzer, 1 jet Toilet seat, 1 Phishing Auto Scratch, 1 pack of Buggy Candy, 1 Nail Through Finger, 1 Bar Bug in Ice Cube.


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Furbacca is a character from the very famous Stars Wars saga that now comes out on the market as an interactive plush and with a fun leather bag that carries everywhere. As a product of the Hasbro brand it has unsurpassed quality and with very durable materials.

Its factory features are:

  • Interactive toy reacts to motion and touch
  • Creates an extra level of interactive play when Furbacca app is engaged
  • Create adventures and scenes from the Star Wars Universe
  • Unlocks Star Wars Furby Furblings
  • Includes Furbacca figure and instructions.


[amazon fields=”B002NGOH1W” value=”thumb”]
[amazon fields=”B002NGOH1W” value=”button”]

Create large structures in 3D and 2D with this incredible Magformers Standard, it is very entertaining and educational for children as it stimulates creativity and the logic to solve problems.

The factory features are:

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Magnetic construction set includes 30 pieces total, 18 squares and 12 triangles in assorted rainbow colors for endless fun and building for ages 3+
  • Magnet magic: The pieces are designed with Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets that ensures connectivity every time you play or build.
  • This set and its pieces are compatible will all other Magformers shapes and accessories so you can build entire sculptures or civilizations.
  • Imaginative Development: Allow your child to build and create, expanding your child’s imaginative horizons and allowing them to develop their mind in new ways
  • The basic Magformers set with triangles and squares


[amazon fields=”B004PBLSQ0″ value=”thumb”]
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If your daughter is a fan of fashion and would like to study a career to that end, this Fashion Design-Art Activity Kit will be the best Christmas gift for her, and she will develop her sense of creativity and give you long hours of fun.

You can start being the fashion designer you’ve always wanted to be, and you can create the costumes that you like the most.

All supplies are perfectly stored in the removable storage case that also works as a work surface, making it perfect for traveling. The game helps teach colors, patterns and excellent motor skills.


[amazon fields=”B072PT5VJ9″ value=”thumb”]
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The management of stress is very important, it helps a better performance in daily tasks and is necessary for better work and social performance. We present this advanced cube for stress control and for concentration, you can relax as much as having fun with this cube.

The factory features are:

  • Worry Groove
  • Stress Ball
  • Joystick
  • Rotating Disk
  • Buttons
  • Rope Loop
  • Switch
  • Soft Button
  • Squishy Buds
  • Sliding Interface
  • Soft Ripped Skin


[amazon fields=”B0037UWGWK” value=”thumb”]
[amazon fields=”B0037UWGWK” value=”button”]

A doll is always one of the best options to give a girl at Christmas, Natalie is the name of this adorable doll.

It is very affectionate and suitable for any girl, comes in a charming pink two-piece embroidered suit that can be removed to dress and undress.

Your eyes are open and close to a baby game that seems real. Do not hesitate to give this sweet doll for Christmas.

The factory features are:

  • 12 “blonde baby doll
  • Includes pink embroidered outfit and pacifier.
  • Smooth, tangle-resistant hair is brushable and easy to style.
  • Posable arms and legs
  • Sweet, baby-powder scent


[amazon fields=”B003AH6NII” value=”thumb”]
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A classic game in summer is to play with sand on the beach, it gives fun to adults and children, and on this occasion, we present this set of sand for children. Considered one of the top Christmas toy 2018 since it is for almost all ages and does not need batteries to work.

The factory features are:

  • Sea-creature inspired “baking” set
  • Includes shell-shaped measuring cups, octopus whisk, and crab mixing spoon.
  • Mixing, sifting and baking theme presents an exciting twist on sand toys!
  • Turtle lid on the mixing bowl doubles as a sifter.
  • Part of Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch, a line of products that encourages exploration and outdoor play.


[amazon fields=”B00WU39GZU” value=”thumb”]
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The dream of every girl is to have her own castle and Barbie gives them that opportunity with this incredible castle, with the ambiance of any royal castle, gives the impression of being in front of a castle of a real queen.

It is one of the most popular toys nowadays. At Christmas he will be able to give enormous happiness to a special girl for you, giving her this Barbie castle.

The features that Barbie provides for this cute toy are:

  • “Smart” accessories snap into an interactive furniture piece for lights, sound and/or motion – for instance, try the aquarium to watch the fish swim and hear bubble sounds
  • Classic rooms with modern designs include the first-floor entryway and kitchen; second-floor dining room and bathroom (with pet room between); and third-floor living room, bedroom, and walk-in closet


[amazon fields=”B00000IV4A” value=”thumb”]
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A classic game in summer is to play with sand on the beach, it gives fun to adults and children, and on this occasion, we present this set of sand for children. Considered one of the best Xmas presents since it is for almost all ages and does not need batteries to work.

The factory features are:

  • Sea-creature inspired “baking” set
  • Includes shell-shaped measuring cups, octopus whisk, and crab mixing spoon.
  • Mixing, sifting and baking theme presents an exciting twist on sand toys!
  • Turtle lid on the mixing bowl doubles as a sifter.
  • Part of Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch, a line of products that encourages exploration and outdoor play.

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