Top 10 BEST SURFACE CLEANERSCleaning is both an exercise and a necessary job to keep our surrounding clean and comfortable. Cleaning should not be a difficult task when you can easily finish it so fast and with less effort. As a result, you need essential equipment to make sure that your work is perfect as well as meet your standards as far as cleaning requires.

At this point, we bring in pressure washing into the picture as one of the most effective ways to ensure that surfaces, especially floors are sparkling clean at the end of the exercise.

Pressure washing is not something new as many people would assume. In fact, it has been in use since the 1920s thanks to Alfred Kärcher, the inventor. However, the overall structure of the pressure washer has not changed that much from way back in the 1960s but it has been in high demand relative to its applications in our homes and other areas of interest.

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It is common to find a number of people using pressure washers to clean their floors but the results are not that satisfactory. What matters is the cleaning method or technique used to achieve pleasing results rather than making assumptions. If not used properly, the expectations can turn into a disaster whereby some areas probably cleaned will still appear unclean. Definitely, no one wishes to experience dissatisfied when using a pressure washer.

To achieve better results while cleaning your floor, you need to find a better and effective way. Your answer, therefore, using a best pressure washer surface cleaner to accompany your pressure washer to realize the true meaning of effective cleaning of surfaces. These appliances are very instrumental in helping you clean all types of dirt and other unwanted materials from the floor.

Pressure washer cleaner makes hardened cleaning works easier.

How Does Surface Cleaner Work?

To begin, with a typical pressure washer works by using a motor which acts as a driving force for the internal high-pressure water pump. The pumps draw in water by sucking from the attached faucet or tank and force it into a hose with a smaller diameter. As water comes out from a larger area and enters into the hose pipe with a smaller diameter, its pressure rises thus causing it to gush out of the nozzle.

There are more powerful pressure washer cleaners, and they have attached with the surface cleaner for more comfortable, quicker and efficient cleaning purposes. For these rotating surface cleaners to work perfectly, they have to be connected with two nozzles of rotating jets that forcefully gush out pressurized water onto the surface to wash away dirt quickly.

Essentially, they come with many advantages such as:

  • Cleaning faster
  • Saving your time
  • Effective on various surfaces
  • Efficiency
  • Getting rid of the toughest stains
  • Helps in water conservation
  • Enables you to save money on electricity

The surface cleaner is designed to let you operate it without much of a hassle. What you need to do is just plugging in the surface cleaner then turning on the pressure water. The next process is made easier for you and your task by simply pushing and pulling the surface cleaner back and forth and over the dirty surface as you watch the unfolding cleaning process.

If you don’t have one, you can easily find your ideal type of the pressure washer surface cleaner from the manufactures within your region. Choose one which is readily compatible with your current pressure washer to speed up cleaning of your floor efficiently and to your perfection. With the right accessories such as detergents dispensers, your cleaning task will yield better results exceeding your expectations even if the surface or floor you are cleaning is really dirty.

That being said, we shall guide you step by step and from one product to the next as we give you a comprehensive insight into best surface cleaners you can use with your pressure washer. Additionally, we will let you have an idea of their technical specifications and of course their merits as well as demerits to make you have a clear picture of these great home cleaning appliances. But before going to that, let’s look at some of the reasons why you need to choose an surface cleaner for pressure washers.

10 top rated surface cleaner reviews

To help you pick the most appropriate washers for your cleaning job, we have reviewed 10 top rated surface cleaner. List your requirements and make a comparison and choose one that suits you best, given the budgetary constraints and the cleaning you intend to do.

Product NameSpecialityPrice
1. AR BLUEBest Household CleanerCheck Price
2. KARCHERBest Mid-Range CleanerCheck Price
3. BE PressureWhirl-A-Way SurfaceCheck Price
4. SUN JOEBest for Use on Vertical SurfacesCheck Price
5. GREENWORKSBest For Mild ScrubbingCheck Price
6. BRIGGS & STRATTONBest For Delicate SurfacesCheck Price
7. KARCHERBest For Tough Jobs On Rough SurfacesCheck Price
8. POWERFITBest Affordable, High-Quality CleanerCheck Price
9. YAMAHA ACCBest For Chemical-Free CleaningCheck Price
10. EZ CLEANBest For Quick CleaningCheck Price

1. AR Blue – Best household cleaner

AR Blue surface cleaner

Manufactured by Annovi Reverberi, AR Blue Clean Surface Cleaner is the best commercial cleaner when it comes to cleaning decks, patio, and driveways.

Measuring 12.5 x 6 x 18.5 inches, this product will assist you to wash off surfaces up to 80% faster than your regular wand. Its scrubbing power also enables one to remove grime and obscurest dirt from surfaces effortlessly and quickly.


  • Provides splash-free cleaning and ensures no water over sprays during cleaning.
  • Provides a high rotating speed thus speeding up the cleaning process to help you save time.
  • Features an ergonomic design for more comfortable handling.
  • Has extension lance to offer more convenience.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Made of a less durable material
  • Difficulties when adjusting the adapter

2. Karcher 2000 PSI – Best mid-range surface cleaner

Karcher cleaner

If you wish to make your cleaning process faster and easier, then you should consider buying a Karcher 8.755-848.0 Hard Cleaner. This product is much faster when compared to a turbo nozzle. It’s manufactured by Karcher and features an 11-inch diameter with dual spinning nozzles to makes it easier to clean large surfaces.

Additionally, Karcher 8.755-848.0 Hard Cleaner features a quarter-inch-fitting that is compatible and operates well with other Karcher pressure washer models which include K1900, K1700 cube, K2000 unit and K1800. It’s also compatible with other brands operating with a pressure of up to 2000 PSI.


  • Saves you time when cleaning large surface.
  • offers professional level performance
  • It is splash-free thus helping you save on water and to keep you dry
  • Easy to operate and control during cleaning
  • Effective at eliminating streaks


  • Features a short extension therefore not suitable for tall people.
  • Less performance than advertised on concrete floors.

3. BE Pressure 4000-Psi/20-inch – Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner Review

BE-2000WAWY-4000 is a perfect surface cleaner for large flat surfaces such as driveways, the parking areas, rooftops as well as pool decks. In fact, this model is effective in cleaning by preventing zebra stripes that are common with the regular sprayers.

When it comes to efficiency, BE-2000WAWY-4000 will you enable you in reducing the cleaning time considerably up to 60 percent compared to regular nozzles. With the nylon spray skirt, you can control overspray while at the same time, minimizing water usage as you work close to the walls and other areas.

The appliance comes with a 20-inch heavy duty cover made of polypropylene that makes it durable. It also helps you to channel the flow of water at the front away from you. For effective cleaning, this model is designed with a rotary spray bar which has two Meg nozzles rated to 8 Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) and 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI).

In addition to that, the BE-2000WAWY-4000 has a frame that is easy to use and it will give you comfort when handling the trigger so you can work longer hours with less fatigue. Essentially, the frame connects to the pressure washer using a male ⅜ inch that will allow you to make a quick connection.


  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Gives a clean and uniform sweep
  • Efficient in washing
  • Ideal for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Long lasting


  • It tips over so easily when not in use
  • Does not come with a female adaptor, so the need to buy it separately
  • The handle is not rugged for a better grip

4. Sun Joe 10-Inch  – Best for use on vertical surfaces

SUN JOE cleaner

Sun Joe SPX-PCA 10 is among the best surface cleaners for pressure washers if you do not intend to use it on large surfaces. It has a 10-inch diameter which is sufficient enough for cleaning patios, BBQs, boats and decks.

It contains a multi-purpose brush which is essential for loosening dirt and grime from surfaces, therefore, providing professional level cleaning. It also weighs less (approximately 2 pounds) thus making it easy to handle on vertical surfaces.


  • High-quality and easily compatible fittings.
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy setup
  • It’s comfortable to use due to its minimal weight


  • Not suitable for rough surfaces
  • Covers less area when compared to other cleaners

5. GreenWorks 1950 PSI – Best for mild scrubbing

GreenWorks cleaner

GreenWorks 30012 is one of the best cleaning equipment manufactured by GreenWork Tools. This cleaner has a brush skirt that prevents dirty water from spreading out. The 11-inch diameter also makes it ideal for pavements, decks and driveways.

The cleaner also features a quick connect system which is compatible with all GreenWorks pressure washers and other pressure washers operating with pressures of up to 2000 PSI. It’s additionally efficient for cleaning various kinds of surfaces.


  • It’s relatively light therefore comfortable to use
  • Covers a relatively large area when cleaning
  • Easy to attach and connect
  • Compatible with most pressure washers
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces


  • Not ideal for removing hard dirt
  • Tends to lower performance when used for long hours

6. Briggs & Stratton 3200-PSI – Best for delicate surfaces

Briggs & Stratton cleaner

The 6328 14-Inch washer is among the best products of Briggs & Stratton, and it’s convenient for use on a wide range of surfaces. This product comprises a cupola control overspray which helps to prevent plants and walls from damage when spraying. Additionally, it features a dome-shaped design which provides a perfect enclosure for control of overspray.

Briggs & Stratton 6328 14-Inch washer is 14” in diameter allowing it to cover large areas during cleaning. It maintains a robust water flow, with high pressure of up to 3200 PSI thus making it ideal for removing hard dirt and use on concrete floors.

What’s more, 6328 14-Inch Surface is made of heavy duty material making it more durable and it’s also compatible with most pressure washers that utilize the quick connect system.


  • Suitable for cleaning wide surfaces
  • Leaves behind no streaky patterns
  • High-speed jets that make cleaning of hard dirt easy
  • Features shielding mechanisms to prevent damage to delicate surfaces.
  • Easy to connect
  • Has an attractive design


  • It can easily break when not handled properly
  • Not suitable for composite decks
  • Require regular maintenance
  • Some of its parts are hard to find.

7. Karcher 3200 PSI – Best for tough jobs on rough surfaces

Karcher gas pressure washer cleaner

This is the perfect surface cleaner if you intend to finish up your cleaning in a hurry. Like most Karcher equipment’s, this product promises nothing less of a quicker and more professional-level performance. It’s designed to clean dirt off flat surfaces thoroughly.

This cleaner includes a quarter-inch quick-connect fitting which is readily compatible with gas models up to 3200 PSI and most pressure washers which have a quarter-inch nozzle including Karcher models ranging from K1700 to K2000.

This product is suitable for cleaning large surfaces and also vertical surface. Being able to maintain pressure levels of up to 3200 PSI, Karcher has a powerful cleaning action that is enough to remove hard dirt and eliminate streaks.


  • It does not leave behind any streaks
  • easily compatible with most pressure washers
  • covers a large area while cleaning
  • Has double rotating nozzles to make the cleaning more thorough
  • Splash free


  • It’s difficult to clean off the dirt that gets stuck inside its bearings
  • Nozzles can get clogged with grit

8. PowerFit 3300 PSI – Best affordable, high-quality cleaner

PowerFit cleaner

This particular product is among the best commercial surface cleaners since it can clean almost all types of surface. Its cleaning power makes it perfect for outdoor cleanings such as on sidewalks and driveways. PowerFit PF31023B features a quick-connect coupler that is readily compatible with most pressure washer wands.

It has two nozzle jets that rotate at 1500 rpm enabling them to work four-times faster than the ordinary cleaners. Additionally, PowerFit PF31023B comes in an attractive design and good shape.


  • Speeds up the cleaning process
  • Easy to assemble
  • Helps to save on water and power
  • Removes the toughest stains on various surfaces.
  • Streak-free cleaning


  • Are prone to breakage if not handled properly
  • Made of less durable material
  • The initial package doesn’t include an extension rod
  • Spare parts are hard to find.

9. Yamaha ACC 3300 PSI – Best for chemical-free cleaning

Yamaha cleaner

Thanks to its large diameter, this cleaner is capable of covering a large area during cleaning thus speeding up the entire process. It offers the best solution for outdoor cleaning and arguably the best surface cleaner for pressure washers.

Its ability to clean up to 4 times quicker than the ordinary cleaners will help you to cut down your water bills and power bills significantly. Apart from that, it employs the latest cleaning technology to ensure it does not damage fragile surfaces. Even better, with this cleaner, you do not require to use any chemicals for it to remove hard stains. Users can also easily connect and operate this cleaner without much hassle.


  • No chemicals required
  • Convenient for household use
  • suitable for cleaning hard-to-remove dirt/stain
  • leaves behind no streak
  • versatile use


  • Possibility of water leakage
  • Can break easily when mishandled
  • Relatively high price

10. EZ clean 3300 PSI – Best for quick cleaning


EZ clean is an excellent tool for use on pressure washer ranging between 2300 and 3,300 PSI. EZ clean is also a 15-inch surface washer therefore suitable for use on large surfaces. Just like most cleaners, this product has a quarter-inch quick-connect system which is compatible with most pressure washers.

What’s more, EZ clean surface cleaner is popular for providing up to 10-times quicker cleaning. Amazing right? This will significantly help you save on water usage.


  • Causes no swirl effects
  • No overspray or streaks involved
  • Incredibly fast cleaning process
  • Nozzles are easy to replace
  • Suitable for old decks


  • Requires regular and proper maintenance
  • At times it stops spinning when in use for a long time.

Buying Guides of Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

The surface cleaners come in various forms, shapes, and colors besides varied specifications. All these and other features might leave you more confused than you were before hence the need to have first-hand information on what to look for when choosing a perfect appliance for you. To help you sail through when purchasing a surface cleaner, you need to consider the following factors beforehand:

Is the appliance compatible with your pressure washer?

This is the first question you should ask yourself when looking for the best cleaner in the market. The task could be challenging somehow, but at the end of it all, you should have the right appliance nevertheless. The tricky part comes in whereby you will come across certain models that are only designed by manufacturers for specific pressure washers. But you can make your fact-finding mission simpler by looking out for our top-rated brands that are readily compatible with your pressure.

What is The mode of operation?

Your perfect cleaner is one which is easy to operate while using it. In fact, it should be applicable for different surfaces and operated with anyone capable of handling it when in use.

What about the cleaning ability?

This could be a difficult question when it comes to choosing your best pressure washer surface cleaner, but you can get first-hand information from our surface cleaner reviews. The information will guide you on the ability and efficiency of the appliance while working on different surfaces. An ideal cleaner is one which cleans uniformly without leaving any dirt or debris in its wake while cleaning a given surface.

What kind of accessories can you use on your surface cleaner?

A good cleaner is one with many options for a wide range of accessories. These accessories act as an added incentive to the functionality of the appliance while in use. For this reason, choose an appliance that can accommodate dispensers, different adapters, swivels among other accessories of great importance

Are there any recommendations from end-users?

Reviews from those who previously had purchase certain surface cleaners are the best guiding principles you trust when making decisions for the best appliance. Better still, you can take into account the best reviews from other buyers before settling for what will work best for you.

What about the spare parts?

With continuous use, some parts of the appliance get worn out prompting maintenance. At some point, you may experience some machine breakdown and that is when you need to look for the right spare parts for replacement. You are hereby advised to settle for the surface cleaner that you can easily find its spare parts within your area.

Other Factors

It is obvious that you will attach your cleaner to the pressure washer. This is an undisputed fact that you need to have at your fingertips. Therefore, the choice of the cleaner will be influenced mainly by the kind of pressure washer within your reach. The good news is that certain brands of surface cleaners go hand in hand with almost all types of pressure washers, but there are a few exceptions. If you are in this kind of situation, you can buy adaptors along with the surface cleaner whose features are desirable to assist you in working with your pressure washer even though they are not compatible.

Your requirement for cleaning is yet a good factor in place to determine the kind of cleaner of your choice. You could be looking for the appliance to use on a smaller surface or a larger area but whichever the case, settle for what is of great convenience for your cleaning task. Apart from the nature of work that is driving you to look for the cleaner, you also need to consider the hours of operation you are going to subject your equipment too. If you are intending to use the cleaner for longer hours on a daily basis, you need to spend a little more money on high-end models that will not disappoint you.

Finally, check your savings to ensure that you have enough cash for the specific brand of the best surface cleaner pressure washer. Prepare your budget well in relation to the kind of model you want before going for it. Above all, check the nature of warranty that accompanies your best surface cleaner before settling the payment.

Last word

When compared to rod cleaners, surface cleaners will use less water for the same job, therefore, assisting you to save water. Again, they do not leave behind striped patterns since they apply a uniform water pressure during cleaning.

When picking perfect pressure washers for your cleaning job, you should consider the size of surface you intend to use it on. Remember most cleaners will cost more due to their large size. You should, therefore, choose just the right size to help you save on expenditure. It’s also recommended to select best pressure washer surface cleaners which feature less pressure in case you are dealing with delicate surfaces.