🎥Celebrities Revealed Top 10 Travel Tips and Tricks

Travel Tips and Tricks

We all know that traveling is also an art, especially for most celebrities. Some small secrets about the trips you learn on the way to your trip. First of all, be sure to find a map of the country you go to before you leave and always try to throw plastic bags or extra items in your suitcase for dirty or messy clothes. But if you go to another country or city for the first time, do not worry. One of the benefits of being on a Celebrity tour is that it has the luxury of time. Which could be spent in luxurious accommodation. Unlike regular days, the goal is to leave behind the stress of daily routine and, instead, enjoy the pleasures of relaxation. To make the most of it, make the most of your time while traveling to see beautiful cities around the world and new places. Here are ten question answered to offer you the best Travel Tips and Tricks.

Celebrities Travel Tips and Tricks

1. What are essential things to pack when travelling?

Sleeping bag:  A sleeping bag, although it is a bulky item, is still part of my travel gear. Although it will be useful only occasionally, it can become very practical in certain situations.

  • When the place where you spend the night does not provide bedding.
  • When you have little confidence in the one provided.
  • If you intend to sleep in tents or in mountain huts.
  • Or when you are in a place where the nights are very cold and the bedding is insufficient.

Choose a compact and lightweight model if you do not intend to camp in a cold place. Several models are sold in a compression bag, which minimizes the space occupied by it.

Clothes: Although very variable from one person to another, the choice of clothes will depend on your tastes, your comfort, your budget, and the chosen destination. However, please take only the necessary. We often tend, I first, to overload our bag of clothes while we often realize at the end of the trip that we used only a part of what we had brought. When shopping, it is also important to choose comfortable, loose, crinkle-free clothes that dry quickly and allow perspiration to pass. These types of clothing are easily found in specialty outdoor stores. Try to avoid as much cotton as possible and opt for products made of merino wool or polypropylene. If you are traveling to colder regions, use the multilayer system first with a combination of underwear that lets sweat circulate, a fleece, a down if necessary and a coat wind and rain.

As for pants, prefer those canvas convertible into shorts. They are very practical for traveling with their multiple pockets, their multifunctionality, their lightness and the little space they occupy. I also always bring a pair of jeans for outings.

Personal hygiene: The hygiene kit remains something very personal. By cons, small advice, bring as few things as possible and use compact formats or samples that you find on the market. In addition, when buying soap, choose a multi-purpose soap that will also serve as a shampoo for hair and soap for washing dishes and clothes. All this will prevent you from overloading your luggage. Here is my very personal list of hygiene kits.ESSENTIAL THINGS TO PACK

2. What non-essential items do you pack when travelling?

Some items are a must while others are non-essentials. None essential is to offer an extra service when traveling. The following are some non-essential items to pack when traveling;

  • Portable Charger

Indeed nothing is frustrating than running out of energy when on a long flight. That might happen especially because currently many planes today offer Wi-Fi. You need to carry a portable charger.

  • Comfy Pajamas

Some hotels offer pajamas, but others do not, so you end up sleeping in your beach cover-ups. For you to avoid this situation carry your pajamas.

  • Sunscreen and Tanning Lotion

Some places you might need to visit might put you at risk of sunburn. You need to carry sunscreen or tanning lotion. Some countries might sell it at a costly price.

  • Camera and Charger

As a celebrity, some of your fun moments will need a copy to remind you of what you felt and what you saw. It would be great if you carry a camera and its charger. The charger will ensure that you don’t run out of juice during your travel.

3. How much clothing should I pack for a week of travel?

A few t-shirts (for a week), two or three shorts, 2 canvas pants, a pair of jeans and 2 warm sweaters;

A wind and raincoat, a suit underwear if necessary for cold places (with toque, scarf, and gloves if necessary);

Underwear for a week (stockings, underpants, and bras), a swimsuit and a kit to sleep if you share a room with strangers;

A pair of breathable hiking shoes, a pair of sandals (flip-flops) for the beach, the shared shower or just to ventilate the toes.

Remember that comfort is the most important element when choosing travel clothes, long before beauty. After all, we do not travel to paradise and even if we always wear the same clothes, we move so much from one place to another, so who will realize it?

4. Is it OK to bring your spouse on business trips?

When traveling during the week it is advisable to travel alone; exceptions are perhaps Friday appointments in a beautiful city, where you can still spend the weekend.

Always separate private and professional, my opinion. If you think that the best for your welfare is to stay in the country where you are, that is what you should do. Then, you must decide if you really want to continue with the relationship or if you want to end it. Following with the couple will mean doing it remotely. Fortunately, at present, we have many ways to communicate with those who are in the distance, but it is always very different to meet in person or live together.

5. Is it a good idea to bring laptop on holiday?

The question of whether you should take his laptop on a trip around the world is hotly debated But rightly!

As someone who has traveled a lot with and without, I can chat a little bit on my sewing box and tell you for which option the better is.

Basically, the decision whether laptop is yes or no, a matter of

  • Balancing the pros and cons
  • Way of traveling
  • Length of the trip

But that’s not the case with everyone, so let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of traveling with a laptop!


  • Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi

The fact is: More and more backpackers are getting started with digital electronics and almost everyone has a terminal device, be it a smartphone, iPod or laptop, which can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or WLAN. As a result, more and more accommodations, cafes and restaurants have set up free Internet hotspots. Often the connections leave much to be desired, but one should not look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

The consequence, however: fewer and fewer travelers rely on physical internet cafés, which is why these are becoming fewer and fewer in many places. Some travelers without digital technology now complain that they often find it difficult to find an Internet café, as there is now free Wi-Fi everywhere. Without own laptop or smartphone = no free Wi-Fi available. Logically, right?

  • Easier to stay in touch

Using your own laptop makes it easier to communicate with home and others, as well as using your online banking more safely. Often Internet café PCs are the last junk, full of viruses or do not have the necessary tools and programs installed.

  • Management of photos

Without a doubt, you’ll make 10 million photos on your trip with your digital camera. Since it makes little fun to constantly worry about finding a shop that burns things on DVDs or spends money again and again for new memory cards. In addition, you can directly view, edit and sort photos on your own laptop and upload them to the Internet with the next WIFI connection to show them (and, of course, at home).

  • Movies and music

If you are traveling for several months, then you want to relax from time to time just with a good movie. In addition, in many places, especially beyond the backpacker trails, there’s little to do in the evenings, and your digital movie collection can be a nice conversation to you, especially if you’re traveling alone. And finally, it’s a cheaper alternative to going out and party. In addition, you can always your music collection on your MP3 player and you do not have to listen to the same albums and playlists for months up and down.

  • Write travel blog/travel journal

If you go on a long and wide world trip, you may have the desire to keep your loved ones regularly up to date at home. For this, a blog or online diary, which can be easily updated. Much easier, the whole thing can be done with your own laptop, especially if you want to include photos and videos.

6. Is it a good idea to travel alone?

Sometimes you can not find anyone to come with you. Sometimes you just want to be far away from everything and everyone. But no matter why you leave without an escort, one question remains: travel alone – can I do it?

If you are just starting out alone, you will certainly come across a journey with different fears and desires than someone who has been traveling alone for years.

Anyone worried about their safety or planning should also start with a “safe” country. These include, for example, a good infrastructure, a low crime rate, a good network of accommodation. There is additional subjective security if one can communicate in the travel country and the culture does not seem so strange.

If, on the other hand, you would like to experience adventures while traveling alone, you may be looking for it: foreign cultures, challenges in locomotion, rather high mountains as dream beaches, sleeping in a tent under the open sky.

The choice of destination should, therefore, be very individual and can contribute significantly to the fact that in the end you have an unforgettable trip.

7. What kind of problems will you face when travelling?

Do not go into unsafe neighborhoods or alleys late at night. A white lie may well because not everyone needs to know that you are traveling alone. Are you harassed you can always say that you are waiting for someone you know or have an appointment? At some destinations, it can help to wear a fake wedding ring. If you really do not trust it, you better not give your real name or your social media accounts.

8. What are the best tips to save money when travelling?

There are many tips and tricks on how to save money while traveling. And we do not mean that you should give up any comfort! Traveling does not have to be expensive, that’s what we find again and again.

  • Book flights at the right time

Flights are usually the most expensive means of transport when traveling. It is therefore obvious that there is particularly great potential for savings here. The right time to book a flight is crucial to really save money. Either you book far in advance, that is, at least three months before the planned departure date or even on the day itself in the last minute.

  • Travel in the offseason

We are definitely low season travelers and always happy. There is no such thing as a good weather guarantee and a bit of luck is part of your travels. And at this time the prices are much lower, the hostel selection is large and the country is not flooded with tourist swarms!

  • Avoid the holiday season

Summer holidays are in August, December is Christmas, and Easter is in spring. These are the world’s most popular holiday periods and felt that the entire world was traveling during this period … But that also means that everything will be more expensive and fuller. If you want to save money and spare nerves, then try to avoid these popular vacation times.

  • Eat like the locals

Culture goes through the stomach. One of our biggest travel highlights is to indulge in the full range of local specialties. You will usually recognize good and cheap restaurants by the fact that they are very full at the mealtimes (with locals!). Otherwise just ask locals for help. They can certainly give you a good tip.

  • Move away from the tourist strongholds

It often happens that the tourist centers concentrate heavily on a few corners of the country or a city. And only a few streets away there is no sign of it. For example, if you choose your hostel or restaurants outside of these areas, you will not only save a lot of money, you will also have a much more authentic experience and most of the time you will find even friendlier inhabitants!

9. What are the health benefits of travelling?

Traveling helps to be in better health, scientists say. Travel is out of the ordinary because it exposes you to new stimuli and allows for more mental associations. It is possible to see our lives in a different light when we are thousands of miles from home. These new mental associations are sources of new perspectives. Suddenly, a world of possibilities hitherto unknown to us is offered to us. When we dissociate an idea from its usual connotations, we discover that there are many other ways to approach it.

Every day of our life is set in a particular physical climate, and it is the same for the mental climate. Some ideas and beliefs (thought patterns) predominate. We can be prisoners of these schemas of thought without even realizing it. Traveling in a foreign country will immediately break the mental chains created by habits. When we realize that there are different ways of seeing the world, we can learn to move away from our own associations.TRAVEL WITH A PET

10. How to travel with a pet?

A holiday with a pet abroad is not always as easy as one would like. Traveling with a dog is usually not a problem within the country, but as soon as you cross the country’s borders, other customs and laws naturally prevail. But what is there to consider when traveling by train if you want to take your pet with you?

In the transport box, you can bring your pet for free
Small pets can be carried in a transport box or bag as hand luggage. This box must fit under the seat or on the shelf above the seat. Unfortunately, there are no specific dimensions, please act to the best of our knowledge and belief. Then your four-legged friends travel for free.


This list is not exhaustive but closely matches everything in my travel bag. Do not hesitate to tell me about your little practical objects that accompany you on each of your departures. And most importantly, do not forget all your important documents: passport, plane tickets, number of the insurance policy, credit card and bank, money and your photocopies!

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