🎥How to become a celebrity overnight (Follow 10 tips)

become famous overnightMost people wish to wake up one day and become famous overnight like the Hollywood celebrities who are known worldwide.

The good news is that it’s possible to gain such a massive social media following, but again you should be willing to learn how to grow your audience from zero and be consistent to build your online presence without quitting.

Getting famous on social media is centred around relentless pursuit and posting.

You need to focus on creating dynamic content in various formats that are highly shareable across multiple social media platforms.

It’s also important to set realistic goals and employ adequate mechanisms to help you monitor and evaluate your progress after a specified duration.

“Regardless of your talent level, not everyone will appreciate you. However, that’s just part of life, so remain resilient” – Justin Bieber

1. Choose your platform

Social Media IconNot all content is suitable to be shared on every social media platform. That why you need to pick a platform that adequately suits your type of content.

If you are into comedy, then Twitter and Instagram will be the ideal platforms for you. Both are popularly known for sharing videos, gifs, quotes, curated photos and stories.

LinkedIn is famous for professional content, job news and company news.

Facebook, on the other hand, is quite interesting since it serves as a multi-purpose platform.

It’s mainly meant to connect friends and family members but also a valuable tool to help you amplify your content from other platforms.

2. Find your niche

Ideally, you want to build your online presence around something that you are well familiar with or passionate about.


If you wish to market your services or products, then pick a niche relating to your products. Also, make sure that your niche is appealing to your target audience.

If you have specific skills or talents, then build on them.

Share quality videos of you singing if you are a singer.

If you are an artist or photographer share high-resolution photos on your Instagram page and simple tips to help your audience perfect their photography skills.

Doing so will help you attract a large following of people who are equally passionate about your niche.

3. Don’t ignore your Bio

find-bioThere is no magic rule on how you should write your bio. You should, however, make it as appealing as possible to ensure that it grabs instant attention from your followers.

You can also include links in your bio to help grow your online presence across many platforms.

Your bio should provide brief information about you and what your account is all about.

If you are not running a professional account, you can also spice it up a few emojis and personal hashtags.

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4. Build your social media sharing strategy

One secret to optimising your online presence is by knowing the appropriate time to post your content to get maximum engagement.

Most people access their Instagram pages on their mobile devices. This means you should target on posting during off-work hours, most preferably from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on weekdays.

According to recent studies on online engagement, you are likely to get more engagement on Twitter if you post between 12. P.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays, when people are looking for something to keep them occupied during lunch break, and also from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesdays.

5. Follow more people

I understand that for most people are nervous at first when it comes to putting themselves out there.

However, when you are starting anew to grow your popularity on social media platforms, mostly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you need to follow as many people as possible to help you get a massive following.

Once you’ve gained a significant number of followers, you can now shift your primary focus to improving the quality of your content.

This is because once your followers love what post, they are most likely going to share your content thus expanding your reach.

6. Brand consistency

If you wish to maintain your followers, you should stick to sharing content that relates to your brand or niche.

There is a good reason why they followed in the first place, and thus you should maintain feeding them with what they signed up for.

Adapt your personality and brand to appeal to your target audience.

If possible use a similar username and profile on all your social media platforms to ensure that your entire audience can uniquely identify your brand.

7. Create an amazing feed

A major mistake that some people make when expanding their online reach is focusing on quantity rather than the quality of their content.

More particularly, when building your brand on social media platforms, whose feed is centred on photos and videos, concentrate on sharing high-resolution photos and images that are well lit.

Make each post seem better than the previous one.

Be creative with how you relay your information to make your feed stand out.

Additionally, use captivating captions to lure your target audience to view your content, like and follow you.

8. Get Featured

Regardless of how popular or specialised you are in a particular niche, we can all use a shoutout to help us grow our audience.

If you don’t know how to become Instagram famous overnight, then you have not tried using other creators in your niche to get you a large following.

Focus on getting featured in the media publication, blogs, and sites that relate to your niche.

You can try doing a shoutout for a shoutout with your colleagues or even consider paying to get featured by some of the most prominent and famous people whose opinion on your particular niche is highly respected.

9. Increase your stay power

For those of you who are daring enough and have a solid marketing strategy, I would recommend you to venture in an unclaimed niche that shows a high potential of acceptance to a specific market.

This will give you a significant boost in the online market. You will have fewer competitors, and the entire online market will be yours for the taking.

10. Join and be active in engagement groups

group iconAlmost all social media platforms feature engagement groups where participants get to engage with each other’s posts.

Joining such groups will enable you to interact directly with your target audience.

These interactions should be done on a regular basis. By doing so, you can earn yourself up to 1,000 followers in a day.

The engagements are mostly in the form of comments and likes.

Truth is you will not always receive positive comments.

Some people will still be there to criticise you or your products.

However, as a good marketer, you should also respond to the negative comments to try and uphold your reputation.

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