Sunshine Coast: A Haven for House and Land Package Investors

A Haven for House and Land Package Investors

Situated along the coastline of the Coral Sea, the Sunshine Coast can be found about 100 km north of Brisbane. It ranks as the third largest region in Queensland in terms of population and the ninth largest in Australia, boasting an estimated population of 333,000.

Sunshine Coast is known as a semi-urban area that spans approximately 65 km of coastline and hinterland from Tewantin to Pelican Waters. The area is home to Australia’s most beautiful beaches, making it an ideal location for real estate investments. This article will talk about why house and land packages in the Sunshine Coast should be your next real estate investment.

What is a House and Land Package?

According to an article by Commonwealth Bank, developers acquire land, lay down necessary infrastructure, and then build homes to sell to investors as a house and land package. House and land packages are affordable options because investors no longer need to pay for the construction of necessary infrastructure for their homes, such as water, sewage, and utility systems. 

Another advantage of house and land packages is that there are several customisable home designs that you can choose from. This means you can select the block of land you like as well as the features, layouts, and materials that will be used for your new home.

Tax Savings

One of the biggest advantages of buying house and land packages in Sunshine Coast is the tax savings that you will get. The Australian Taxation Office allows real estate investors to claim a tax deduction on residential homes and equipment within Sunshine Coast when they depreciate.

Tax savings and tax breaks are important because they are somewhat a guarantee that you won’t lose money on your house and land packages in the Sunshine Coast investment. Also, because of tax savings, it would be much easier for you to get financing loans, leading to a more affordable home compared to traditional real estate investment deals.

Gorgeous Views from Sunshine Coast Homes

Sunshine Coast is home to several astonishing beaches in Australia, such as Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Beach, Marcus Beach, Peregian Beach, to name a few. Owning a house and land package in the Sunshine Coast would mean that you will have a piece of paradise in your real estate portfolio.

Aside from the beach, the Sunshine Coast is home to the Blackall Range. This hinterland is composed of rainforests, mountain vistas, farms, and secluded hideaways that can be the perfect getaway if you want to take a break from behind the coastline.

Never Run Out of Activities

The Sunshine Coast provides the best surf spots in Australia because of several beaches that offer pounding surf. There are offshore reefs that you can go to for snorkelling or diving. Secluded and protected waterways for swimmers and water lovers.

If you prefer land activities than water activities, then the Sunshine Coast’s hinterland is perfect for you. You can do hiking, trekking, and even camping with your friends or loved ones.

If you love outdoor activities, then the Sunshine Coast is the best for you because it will provide you with a never-ending range of playgrounds for your outdoor activities. If you are looking for places for your next real estate investment or searching an area for your new home, then the Sunshine Coast should be on top of your list.

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