Studies and office work require conducive environment for you to perform optimally, this range from the room, chair, and table you are using to the lighting quality of the room. Studying in a poorly lit room may be hazardous to your health; in particular, the brain and the eyes are remarkably affected. It will as well reduces your span of concentration, you will lose focus within a short period and get exhausted quite speedily. LEPOWER Dimmable LED desk lamp use for your studies and office work. The lamp will enable you to achieve a lot of success in your studies and office work. This is the helpful addition you should consider putting in your study or office if you work till late in the night. For knowing the benfit of LED Bulb Read here.

If you have been looking for a suitable lamp for your office and study then Amazon ought to be your destination. This desk lamp is pure class, it is magnificent and will create more life in your study or office. The lighting will make your room look cute and conducive to your study needs. You can have it in your office, study room and also in the bedroom.

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

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The lamp it full of adorable features and quality but you don’t need to worry about your pockets that you may spend much to acquire one, Amazon is your understanding economic partner and offers the lamp at unbelievably affordable cost. To further seal the deal, Amazon will ensure your lamp is safely delivered to your locality once you order it. I find it a bit embarrassing to mention the cost of the lamps because they are undeniably priceless, its rocking features are quite enormous.

First, the lamp is environmentally friendly; the precious Mother Nature well takes care of us. The lamp does not produce any pollutant emissions, unlike other commonly used lamps. Nature is unforgiving, and we should always strive to take perfect care of the beautiful God-given nature. Its usage of energy is very remarkable; it will save up to 75% of energy. No need to exploit a lot of energy as is the case in most lamps. The energy saving ability of desk lamp will, in addition, save your finances thus the lamp is economically friendly.

Secondly, this desk lamp availed to you by designed to ensure that your health remains a priority. The produces light in appropriate wavelengths taking into consideration your eyes and brain. With this desk lamp, your studies will be more productive as you won’t get fatigued easily, your concentration span will improve remarkably while keeping your vision intact. Excess of light or poor lighting is a leading cause of ophthalmic disorders, don’t take chances your health is your wealth.

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Thirdly, this lamp is quite portable, and you can use it away from power source. You just need to recharge it using the USB cable that comes with the package. After full charge, you can take it to your bedroom and burn the midnight oil. It’s mobile nature further allow its usage in remote areas where accessing electricity can be an issue.

To sum up, the lamp courtesy is convenient for use in different modes, it has a 3-color mode. You can easily switch from white to natural white or warm white lighting colors depending on your room and your preferences. I call it a lamp of the generation.

Product Specifications:

LEPOWER Dimmable LED desk lamp have the following technical details and specifications;
Item Dimensions: 97*97*285mm.
Material: ABS.
Wattage: 5 watts.
Type of bulb: LED.
Color: White.
Item weight: 1.1 pounds.
Power source: alternating current (AC).


  • The lamp is affordable and readily available.
  • It is quite portable: you can fold as well as adjust its various parts.
  • Energy saving thus environmental friendly.
  • Eye-caring; the lighting system is adjustable to different brightness levels.
  • When you purchase through Amazon you get quick and safe delivery of the LEPOWER Dimmable LED desk lamp.


  • The only possible disadvantage of the lamp is that it requires great care because it is fragile.

Once you purchase your lamp at Amazon, you can use it for your studies, office work, give it for your kid’s study purposes as well as use it for providing light in your pets’ room.