🛍️Before going to the shop, look Men’s And Women’s Shopping Styles difference.


Shopping is a peaceful word for male and female, but sometimes it can go opposite for both. How? Find the answer below.

Why we do shopping? The simple answer is, to fulfil our demand. There are many demands for living in our lives. Example: Cloth for the cover body, shop for food, kitchen gadget, clothing, books, smart tv and other home necessities.

The main question is Who shops more male or female? We know that men’ shopping habits are a little less than girls. That’s not too low. But it can be called 40/60. But interesting things, men’s and women’s shopping style are very different.

The difference must be because men and women are both emotionally and physically different. You may notice that men shopping habits and women shopping style is a little different. What’s the difference? Watch this video man vs woman shopping route in a shop.

What We think about male vs. female shopping?

tired a men in shopping with women

Many people feel that women always get more energy in shopping than men. They do not feel tired of shopping in the market.

Look at the picture, tired men with delight women. Don’t believe, its just model.

Female minds are not fixed in any position. In a sense, men are a little patient.

In comparison, women are carefully looking for product types in all existing products, comparing designs, looking for any available offers, bargaining and end up purchasing the product to their satisfaction. But the boys are a little agile. They Prefer to buy things by haste. In this case, women shopping habits are lovely and tidy than men 🙂

Men and Women shopping behavior

The behave of men and women is totally different. I have listed some point in below of men and women behavior at shopping.


  1. Girls are very aware. The boys are a little bolder.
  2. Girls are crazy about shopping. Boys are less crazy.
  3. Girls will walk through the whole mall and then buy them after verification. But boys tried to buy from one shop.
  4. Girls have eyes only in shopping. But the eyes of the boys are always towards other girls.
  5. Girls want good services. Boys wish to fast services.

There are many behaviors that can not be written down. If you know something, then write down the comments below.

Let’s Compare the Two; Men vs Women


Where women get fun to shopping, men hate it. Where men buy quickly, women caring about price and buy slowly.

Women make purchases in stores where men shop online.

Men are sharply aware of the features of an item they wish to buy, and they look at same classification items for particular features and price, benefit accessibility thus on. They don’t focus more on offers of brands, and they buy at higher costs if they are happy with the quality. So, men’s shopping is bold.

Women are aware of the brand. They buy accessories by calculating.

Additionally, they are excited about offers and discounts to be profited. Furthermore, they have some interest in item outline. Along these lines, with regards to shopping, men and women are unique.

Men and Women Shopping thinking

women color matching shoppingWomen spend more time for shopping and go from one store to another shop to get the cheaper product and better.

The men will look only one that needs it. If they know certain shops then they will just go straight to the shop, purchase their desired item and go home.

Women usually prefer to buy accessories by matching. For this matching women take a lot of time shopping. Example: If she buys red clothes then buy shoes with matches that dress. But In this case, men do not match and mix so much.

Men and Women Shopping Decision

The decision of a man and a woman is different in all cases. But in shopping their choices are weird. Men decide the product by object information but women determine the buy product by object and subject information.


Example: Men-“It is described that it is cold soap. I will buy it.”
Women-“It is described that it is cold soap. My friend said it was good to use. I will buy it.”

Male vs Female online shopping

In previous days, when buying something online, boys were buying. It was a male-ruled world. But now we see women do shop online more than men. The world becomes changing day by day.

Do you know about Alibaba founder Jack Ma. He said he built Alibaba of think of women shopping style and most of the staff of his group are female. Read more about this info : http://fortune.com/2015/05/20/alibaba-jack-ma-women/

girl and boy online shopping cart

If I say online shopping, then women order everything online whatever her need or makeup toolshousehold accessories, kitchen tools etc. But men want to buy watches, sunglass, headphone, travel power bank, car accessories etc.

Online statistics show that women add a lot of products in cart and buy only 1-2 products, where men add 1-2 products in cart and buy those products.

Men and Women in shopping mall

Men and Women in shopping mall

Women prefer to go shopping malls by wearing a new dress, makeup etc., where men go to the mall by traditional dress.

Women thinking in the market only for shopping. Where sometimes boys add another thing, they look towards the girls.

Women look at every store in the shopping mall and then choose to buy products. But men want to buy from only one store.

The girls can not take a decision by seeing only one store. Girls will look at the price of products, discount, bargain. They buy products after getting cheaper and better.

Last words

After ending shopping men say “My Money” and Women say “Thank You”. Whatever the differences between men and women, at the day end, they love each other. They like to shop with each other. The moral is men can’t live without women. Anyway live happy life with your dear ones.

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