How to start playing music for the first time in your life?

How to start playing music for the first time in your life

Have you been dreaming to become a musician? It’s time to make your dream come true without years of learning! Take the advantage of playing the RAV Vast tongue drum!

Have you been dreaming about your fingers flying above the key while playing Beethoven or rockin’ it all with the guitar groovy rhythms? Now as you’ve grown up, you may think these dreams can never come true. But what if we say, they can? And here’s know-how!

Why is it so hard to play music?

Learning to play piano, violin or guitar takes years of studying music theory and hours of practice. Playing these instruments is hard because they are chromatic which means that you can get the whole range of musical notes. What is music? It’s a harmonious note progression. And the challenge for any musician is to find, remember, and recreate this note progression. But what if we say, there are the instruments that make it all for you? No need to analyze which notes sound good together and which – not, no need to learn special positions of fingers of remembering keys. And this magical instrument is called the RAV Vast tongue drum – a new ultimate tool to start playing great music right away!

What is the RAV Vast drum? 

The RAV Vast is a steel tongue drum that is relative to the handpan. It’s a robust, accurately-tuned, easy-to-learn instrument which can be played by both enthusiast and professional musician. The RAV Vast drums are laid out so they are very intuitive and easy to play. Nine tongues tuned in ascending order are placed around the central lowest note called Ding. By tapping the tongues you can easily create a lovely melody – the tongues are tuned with a certain range of notes that sound harmoniously together. This range of notes is called scale. You can find 18 different scales that provide a unique voice to each drum and find the one that speaks out to you.

How can I play the RAV Vast?

Take the drum, place it on your knees, warm up your fingers, and start playing! Yes, it’s just as easy as you are reading it. Listen to each tongue separately, which notes do you feel the greatest connection with? Try to play a few tongues at a time. You can play by slapping the shoulder of the RAV Vast or even tap the edge of the drum. The opportunities are limitless. 

Use the RAV mallets to get a completely different sound. They will also help you to navigate easier and get more confidence at the beginning. 

How to get the drum

You can buy the RAV Vast from an official seller – the RAV Labs brand (visit their website), or check it out from one of their partners. Be aware of shopping at official partners only. This way you can make sure you get a new high-quality perfectly tuned instrument with all the certificates and warranty and avoid fraud.  

How can I benefit from playing the RAV Vast?

Playing the RAV Vast can become your new exciting hobby. Enjoy your time creating beautiful melodies instead of scrolling social media another hour while sitting on a couch. Spend time with your partner or children playing the RAV Vast together. 

If you care about your mental health, the RAV Vast will become a game-changer for you. Playing this marvelous musical instrument with soothing vibes can help to relieve anxiety, depression, increase your energy level, work with chakras, and navigate towards spiritual awakening. 

If you still have a dream to become a professional musician, the RAV Vast is a great tool for that. Learn the basics of music theory: the notes, the harmony, the rhythm. The RAV drum provides all the toolkit for you. If you want to extend your understanding of the instrument, there’s no shortage of tutorials and lessons available at the RAV’s official website and the channel on YouTube and social media. 

Investigate your musical potential and remember, it’s a never-ending exciting journey!

Krystal Morrison
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