Why Is My Dog Lethargic?

Why Is My Dog Lethargic
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Taking care of a dog can bring a lot of happiness and joy to a person’s life. You will constantly want to play with it and take it out for walks. Also, you have to make sure it eats well. Other responsibilities around your pet would be to bathe it every now and then and take it to the vet when something is wrong.

Pets such as dogs can experience health problems. This is the last thing you want your pet to deal with. When animals are hurting, people usually feel terrible. Your pet is like a member of the family. It’s reasonable to feel sad and fearful if something isn’t right with it. But not to worry because medical experts like vets exist to make the problem go away.

One of the problems that your dog can face is lethargy.  You might have heard about this issue. If not, then there are some things that you need to be aware of.

What exactly is lethargy?

Lethargy is a condition that causes a lack of energy in dogs. Some of the symptoms that your dog might be lethargic are passivity, lack of interest in playing and going for a walk, and lack of appetite. If your pet starts to behave this way, this means that something is wrong with it. Usually, dogs are incredibly active animals. You can hardly see them seem tired and exhausted.

However, dogs can indeed get tired after a long walk or a demanding exercise. This doesn’t normally mean that something is wrong with them. But, if you notice other concerning signs, then you should do something about it.

Usually, the weather is the primary culprit for your dog’s lethargy. Canines dislike very cold and very hot weather. Same as humans, they have a preference in the weather. Sometimes lethargy is not something to be entirely alarmed about, but if the symptoms only get worse with time, then you should take your pet to the vet. Read more on this page.

What are the other causes of lethargy?

Tiredness or the weather are mild causes for your dog’s lack of energy. Your pet can decrease its activity because of old age as well. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a bigger issue that’s causing the problem. Some of the medical conditions that might be causing the lethargy are anemia, bloating, skin diseases, hypoglycemia, infections or inflammations, urinary problems, etc.

Sometimes, even meds can cause a lack of energy in dogs. This is natural because strong meds cause passivity and drowsiness, even in people. It also depends on the type of dog that uses them. Dogs are usually passive when something is wrong.

If you notice this type of behavior in yours, you should take it to the vet for a thorough checkout. Who knows? The vet might discover a medical problem that you weren’t aware it was there. The sooner they treat it, the better. Don’t try to diagnose it yourself. Plus, don’t give it any meds that you found online.

How to prevent lethargy?

The first thing you should pay attention to is what your dog eats. A balanced diet is the best option to maintain your furry friend in perfect health. Of course, different breed requires different meals. You can talk to your vet about your options. You can also do some research online to figure out the best combination of ingredients for your dog. A healthy diet prevents stomach problems in the future.

Also, make sure that your furry friend receives enough vitamins and supplements. Even if you feed your dog with a balanced diet, it still doesn’t mean that your pup is receiving all the supplements it needs. Therefore, you should start giving it additional supplements combined with a balanced diet.

Furthermore, hydration is also crucial. Lack of water can lead to dehydration. Dogs, just as people, have to drink a lot of water. During hot weather, you should make sure that your pup drinks enough water. This way, you also make sure that your dog’s temperature stays minimized so that it won’t have to experience blood pressure problems.

Hygiene is essential if you want to keep your pet away from fleas and ticks. Every dog should receive the necessary vaccines so that its body will conquer numerous viruses. Plus, proper hygiene keeps its skin healthy, as well. The best way to do this is to use organic products, so they don’t harm your pet.

Last but not least is physical activity. Dogs are already active creatures, but they love it when their owners play with them as well. Making sure your dog gets enough physical activity is crucial in maintaining its health. Exercises prevent them from getting fat and lazy. To make sure your pet seems interested in doing physical activity, you can try using different toys.

Dogs should receive regular checkups at the vet. Every checkup might determine a minor problem that it’s better to be treated right away.


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