When Do Plants Go on Sale at Home Depot?

When Do Plants Go on Sale at Home Depot?

When Do Plants Go on Sale at Home Depot?

Home Depot is an ideal location for finding all your gardening essentials. They provide a diverse selection of plants at competitive prices.

When shopping for plants, the ideal time to purchase is during the spring and summer months. However, you can find great deals on plants at other times as well.


Plants add life and vibrancy to your home, but they can be expensive. Fortunately, you’ll find great deals at Home Depot on plant purchases!

Home Depot’s annual garden sales are the ideal time to shop for plants. These take place in the spring and fall, when they make room for new inventory.

At these sales, you’ll find many of the same plants as in their regular season at a lower price.

Some discounts can be substantial, like 50% off. Home Depot is trying to clear out their summer inventory in order to offer these great deals.

Other great times to buy plants is during clearance sales, which typically occur after major holidays or long weekends. These sales offer great bargains on items like paint and landscaping equipment at reduced prices.

Shop on Fridays to save on plants! Stores typically receive fewer deliveries on weekends, making Friday the ideal day to find unpicked varieties of plants.

Another option is to look for sales on display carts in stores. These usually feature plants that are on sale due to being dying or having dried out; however, you’ll need a green thumb to keep them alive.

If you’re uncertain if a plant will thrive in your home, ask the employee at the desk for advice. They’ll be more than happy to help select the perfect choice for your yard.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, Home Depot offers easy returns for refund or exchange. Many plants come with a one-year guarantee so if the plant dies within one year of purchase, you can bring it back and get a full refund.

Finally, don’t forget to join The Home Depot Garden Club if you want a $5 off $50 coupon! Simply fill out the form with your email address and phone number, and then you’ll start receiving periodic emails with garden tips and discounts.


Are you looking to spruce up your patio for summer barbecues, or add some color and life to your backyard with new plants and flowers, Home Depot has everything you need. Their Memorial Day sale begins May 19 and runs through May 30, so you can take advantage of deals on everything from gardening essentials to furniture, tools, mattresses – plus much more!

Home Depot typically holds plant sales during the summer to clear their inventories. This is an ideal time to pick up succulents, which tend to be sold at lower prices in the spring and summer.

You can often find great deals on annuals during the summer. These plants usually sell at reduced prices, allowing you to stock up on plenty of them to maintain your garden throughout the season.

Saving on plants during the summer can be done by purchasing seeds, which are more cost-effective than purchasing an entire plant. Just be sure to purchase seeds that are suitable for your climate.

Seeds are an ideal starting point for gardening. This is because seeds come in many varieties, which you can combine together to create unique plants.

In addition to planting seeds, you can also grow plants from cuttings and stems. These are an excellent way to get started on your own venture; however, be sure to prepare the soil beforehand.

Additionally, ensure your plant pots have a proper drainage system; otherwise, overwatering or inadequate drainage can lead to root rot.

To avoid these issues from occurring, be sure to test the soil before purchasing plants at Home Depot. A quick test can tell if it’s too dry for your plants to thrive.

It is wise to check the tags on your plants for any pests that might be present. Doing this helps ensure you do not bring pests into your home or garden.


Fall is the ideal time to plant perennials in your garden. Perennials require cooler temperatures to establish roots and prepare for winter, unlike annuals which bloom only one season. Plus, unlike annuals which only bloom once, perennials will return in spring providing additional color and variety throughout your landscape.

Perennials that thrive in the fall include Japanese anemone, false indigo (Baptisia), Arkansas bluestar (amsonia), and phlox. These perennials bloom late spring or early summer and are hardy from zones 4-9; their foliage turns golden with leaves remaining green throughout wintertime. Once established, these plants become deer-resistant and drought tolerant.

Hollyhocks are another perennial that blooms in the fall. These sun-loving flowers make great borders or backdrops for azaleas and hydrangeas, with their shimmering foliage as well as colorful seed pods adding an attractive decorative touch.

Home Depot typically has sales on plants during the spring, fall and winter seasons. In September they typically discount trees, shrubs, perennials and spring-flowering bulbs to make room for new fall plants and holiday garden merchandise.

The store often discards matured plants, especially those too big for storage. This helps them save money but unfortunately some of these plants end up at the landfill.

Home Depot usually gives discounts for plants that show signs of stress or have wilting stems; however, they won’t always give you a discount if the plant is dead or severely damaged.

Home Depot also offers customers discounts in addition to returning dead plants if they’re under-cared for. This is an ideal option for those without much expertise with planting and caring for plants.

Other ways to find great prices on perennials and annuals are by taking advantage of the retailer’s annual sale, which occurs periodically throughout the year. According to The Krazy Koupon Lady, retailers typically hold spring sales in April or Memorial Day sales in May for discounts on garden products and plants.


At Home Depot, the end of summer and beginning of fall are ideal times for plant sales. While these dates may differ by two months depending on where you live, this period always brings a major revamp in stock at their garden center.

October is an excellent month to find great prices on perennial plants that will return every year, such as roses, lilacs, hydrangeas and irises. Additionally, you can find discounts on annual flowers like pansies or petunias that only bloom one season.

Some of these plants can be potted and replanted outdoors for the winter. Other annuals, like coleus or Boston ferns, may be overwintered indoors as houseplants.

On occasion, you’ll find bargains on flowering shrubs and conifers as well as bulbs for spring planting. Many winter bloomers come pre-planted in pots for easy care; you may even be able to plant these plants outdoors before the first frost arrives in October!

If you’re searching for a showy winter bloomer that will stand out against the snow, consider purchasing a deciduous holly. These medium-sized shrubs boast long, arching branches and bright yellow flowers which stand out against an expanse of white snow.

Another winter-blooming perennial is the bachelor button, which comes in an array of colors from pink to dark red. These small plants grow on long stems and make great additions to gardens or patios.

This shrub also produces berries for birds and other wildlife, so you can plant them in large groups for an eye-catching winter scene.

Finally, you may come across marked-downs on lesser-known flowering bulbs. Similar to daffodils but less widely popular, these colorful blooms add vibrant color to the landscape in late winter and springtime.

Though finding discount prices on plants may not always be straightforward, you could potentially score some great deals by asking your local Home Depot if they have any plants that need to be sold. They usually provide prices that are slightly below their regular rate for plants with defects or issues, so if you have the green thumb and patience then this could be an excellent way to save money on purchases of plants!

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