We all want to live a little luxurious life. So we have trouble saving our money. One survey has found that 80% people trying to save money but can not.There are many people who spend more money than income. The cost of the amount we earn is equal to the spend money. For example: if we earn 10 thousand, we want live by this money through a month and live well. But 20 thousand income is equal to 10 thousand income. We think 10 thousand will save. But it is not. Why?

We can not save money for some of our habits. Again, some habits help us save money. If we can save money then we can be very rich. Here are 5 simple human habits that we can save money.

1. Reducing Visits to the Shopping Center

Due to the advancement of technology, shopping malls have become significant platforms of entertainment, making a lot of income. Many families find themselves in the shopping malls playing video games, eating a lot of junk food, buying goods that they do not need and watching cinemas and movies. This has mainly become a continuous trend for most families, especially over the weekend when most of the family is home. Frequently visiting the shopping malls with your entire family, especially every weekend, can your financial condition worsens on your saving plans. Having your children play those video games in the shopping mall rooms not only increases your expenses but also deprives the children of participating in more beneficial physical activities such as sports and spending time outdoors. Eating a lot of junk foods and playing video games also do not provide you with a strong, healthy body. In fact, these activities will increase your medical bills in the long-term. Slightly reducing visits to the shopping center will see you save more money and spend less on satisfaction.

Handyman lifestyle

2. Live a “Handyman lifestyle.”

It is essential to develop an attitude in working almost every household task on your own. Most of the time, we hire somebody when we want our household problems fixed such as repairs, cleaning and renovation projects. This is common especially when you want your clothes cleaned and ironed, with many of us doing to contract laundry services. Developing an attitude of cleaning and ironing your clothes at home and not at the dry cleaner. Additionally, this will pass along a positive message to your children and the family that it is essential to do things on their own. Being your handyman is cheaper than outsourcing household problems.

Minimize Purchases

3. Minimize Purchases

Buying every attractive thing you see is the most common trend of spending money. With today’s changes in fashion trends, most people want to be associated with the latest fashion wears such as suits, dresses, watches and even shoes. The emergence of new electronic gadgets has deprived many trend followers, the power to save. Such devices include latest mobile phones, most recent laptops, and latest home theatre among others. The latest accessories must be bought. This type of habit should be left out. Then your savings plan will be good.


4. Learn to gamble responsibly

With a rapidly changing world of sports and games, many people are flooding casinos on a daily basis. Gambling has become part of our daily lives especially to the fanatics of sports such as football, basketball, and pokers. It is relatively significant to be aware that gambling gives you a concept that you are using your skills, but in the real sense, gambling is a game of chance.Research and statistics show that most people are losing a lot of cash to the casino owners each day. Gambling can cause addiction, and if not well controlled, it can quickly lead you to a poverty path. Learning how to gamble responsibly will help you save some money especially for retirement investments.

5. Make a Budget and Record Expenses

There is a saying that goes; “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This saying makes an important comment as to why planning for your costs can give you perfect results when it comes to saving. Making a budget on what to buy and what not to will provide you with a clear picture how you are spending your money. Most people do not even know where their money is going. When making the budget, it is essential to prioritize your most necessary expenses. In short, you should have a list of preference. Taking into consideration what you most likely to need is an important factor in saving. Learn also to record your expenses as they occur.

These are just a few savings habits to get you started. If you are not good at saving plans, it is advisable that you consult a financial advisor who will help lead you down the path of financial wellness.