Working everyday can be exhausting, so going somewhere away with your loved one for a weekend might be the best solution to get relaxed. Surprise your partner with romantic weekend somewhere away, choose someplace to go where you can express your feelings to your loved one, like hiring a cottage at mountain or beach. If you are not in position to afford yourself a cottage, then going on a bus trip with your partner is really romantic and affordable.

Here are some ideas for planing your romantic weekend :

*Do online research and look for some good or luxury places in your country or outside to stay for a weekend

-Check out romantic places and make your reserves.

-Find one that will perfectly suite for your romantic weekend getaway.

*Tell your partner that you are going for a bus trip to visit some place for a weekend

-Take a bus trip and go to random places (after all, what matters is that your partner is happy and by your side).

-Visit some romantic places, take romantic walks in the woods or beaches, precisely go to any place where you will have fun with your partner and fill your weekend with love.

*Take advantage of nature for your romantic weekend

-Take your tent and go to some beautiful place in nature, have a romantic picnic during the day and use your tent for sleepover.

-Explore nature with loved one and write a short poem, so that you can read it to your partner when you light up a fire at night.

There are many more ways to spend a romantic weekend somewhere else than home, so don’t forget what are essentials for a romantic weekend away.

Essentials for a Romantic Weekend Away

You might made your choice for a romantic weekend away, but don’t forget to make your list of essentials for a romantic weekend away. Essentials for a romantic weekend away are dependable of what type of weekend are you spending, but here are the lists of your essentials for a romantic weekend away :

*Romantic Weekend Away at Luxury Place

-This list is very short because it won’t be necessary to bring loads of stuff with you, everything will be well organised at those places for you and loved one.

-Take clean robes, your mobile phone, accessories like documents and quick charge power bank, because it’s useful in all situations.

*Romantic Bus Trip

-If you are going to random place, you will need to bring a backpack, clean robes and sheets, mobile phone, accessories such as documents, quick charge power bank (you will need your battery to be charged, after all, you are going to random place), hygienic stuff and some food if it’s a long trip.

-It’s always good to have in mind where are you going, check at least something about places where you will be going, because you don’t want to end at wrong place and ruin your romantic weekend.

*Romantic Weekend in Nature

-Are you going to take your partner to see some exciting waterfalls or large rivers in the woods? Don’t forget to get all you need to spend your weekend in nature.

-Besides tent, reserve robes, lighter, water, food, mobile phone and first aid, you will need battery lamp and quick charge power bank with you.