negative marketing techniques

“Top 5 worst gadgets to use” or “which is better Pepsi or Coke?”

You have come across to these statements frequently in your life. Have you ever thought what the marketing professionals are doing with this kind of advertisement? These are the negative marketing techniques to make a positive impact. Marketing professionals can take into consideration both kind of marketing techniques, i.e., positive and negative.

A little negativity in the marketing can be good when used with judiciously. Some people might feel that it is unethical to use negative techniques, but these are used everywhere. It is more effective to get attention and success in the business. Negative advertising  strategies can be effective when the company has a good reputation in the market.make a positive impact





Negative marketing techniques

Some of the below-mentioned techniques are used to make a positive impact.

Spreading controversies

Controversies are one of the most used negative marketing technique to speed up the advertisement process. These are supposed to arise the emotions to the extreme level or making fun of the advertisement. It doesn’t need to be of a serious nature like politics or religion. Your role is of a moderator, so it’s better not to take a side. You have to stay neutral and let the customers decide about the two products.

Controversies act as long-lasting advertisements when even after the promotion people continue to talk about it afterward. This word of mouth marketing can play a significant role in all buying decisions made by the customers.

Highlight Negative Titles and Headlines

I don’t know what this says about human nature, but there is an irresistible positive relation between negative titles and page views.

Create a connection over a Shared Negative Experience

Alright, now we’re getting warmed up! So you’re throwing out some negative titles, but have you considered drawing that negativity into your content? When you draw on a pessimistic situation in your content – particularly at the start — it can actually help reader’s recall and focus. Some marketers are afraid to stir up negative feelings in their reader, but it can actually create a shared experience and tap into the heights of emotions where some may not expect to get while reading marketing content, particularly if you’re a B2B marketer.

I mean, that’s why I started this post the way I did — getting up on the wrong side of the bed is an experience everyone I know can relate to. And sometimes, it’s easy to build a connection with someone over shared pessimistic experiences than something warm and fuzzy.

But be forewarned — once you have a bond with the reader based on a shared negative experience, it’s crucial to change the mood to something more positive and solution-oriented. People like to know they’re not alone (misery loves company), but most don’t like to dwell on the negativity.

Cast Some Negative Characters

As we can all bond over a shared negative experience, so too can we bond over a common enemy? Casting a negative character been a common marketing tactic for ages, I’m not just talking about the Ham burglar. These characters can take more subtle forms, playing on common tropes — the dopey husband, the demanding girlfriend, the irritating boss. These take common experiences and personify them in order to elicit the emotion in the consumer, and help tell the story you’re trying to tell. For a great example of using different negative characters in your marketing, just check out Career Builder’s 2009 Super Bowl commercial, brought to my attention.

Make fun of yourself

Why don’t you take the negativity inward to benefit your business? A little self-depreciation can be fun for others and make you feel better about your bloopers. We are humans, and we all made mistakes, but a great amount of confidence is required to share your mistakes with others. For example, the idea of being the first to laugh at you can work well in the marketing.

Use data to support your criticism

When you are comparing the two products, take help from researchers and facts proved by the authentic sources. The criticism works well with the authenticity and facts/figures. For example, share some of the research findings that what does the research says about the particular product, the public opinions, and the results.

Before making it public, prepare a whole case around the product you are comparing your product with. So, you can show why and how your product is better than others. The accurate data points make it easy to quickly decide the good versus bad.

Play with the minds

This is the VIP technique that we all know, and it works well. The story is, when you tell someone that the required product is scarce, they want it more. The whole theme revolves around the phenomenon of “playing hard to get.” This is the common technique used by the sales department, but now marketing is also using it to grab the audience.

Using this technique, you are not giving them time to think. For example, the limited time offers for first few customers and special offers on national days.

Benefits of negative marketing techniques

The principles on which negative advertising works

The negative advertising works on the principle of emotions. It follows the formula of “hit first, hit hard and keep hitting.” The bad publicity techniques grab the audience by fully controlling their minds and emotions. The marketers won’t let you think about the product. The fact is, people, believe ore negativity than positive aspects.

Benefits of negative marketing techniques

1. People keep it in mind better than positive marking

Several types of research show that we retain and recall irrelevant information can be more effective compared to the positive information. We tend to keep our focus on the negativity much longer than any other warm emotions.

2. People consider it more accurate

As a common phenomenon, the voters trust somewhat negative about an illustrative than rather bright. People believe more negative than positive gen. There are few negative things about a candidate or campaign that individuals aren’t willing to believe.

3. The negative news grabs more audience.

The mass media are more probable to recurrence an attack, highlighting the most negative things. The negative marketing can fit in with editorial norms of stress conflict and revealing imprecisions. The researchers show that negative information gets our attention more easily.

4. Making use of darkest emotions of human beings

This is the marketing that taps into the darkest emotions that humans can experience. Bad temper, feeling of inferiority and scorn are all examples, and they work very well. The format is simple: identify the things that customers don’t like and make fun of it.

Examples of negative publicity

  • A cold war between iPhone and Samsung has no limits. An iPhone 6 Plus ad campaign showed a couple talking in the night (with fewer lights) comfortably. The famous iPhone competitor named Samsung bring some conflict of that (with lots of lights) presentation that the S6 comes with even better camera compared to Samsung is straight negatively promotion about this brand.
  • The rivals from birth to death, e. Pepsi and coca cola. The ad with the name of Pepsi dispensing machine ad available on the YouTube which shows the bad publicity. The Pepsi brand showed Coca-Cola in deprived light with a child who wants to distribute Pepsi from a vending machine. He first distributes coke bottles and then stands on the Coca Cola bottles and distributes Pepsi from the machine.

What do you need to know?

If you are going for planning a negative advertisement campaign, keep in mind it’s accurate and it’s not unethical. You need to be careful while highlighting the zones where the product is superior is legal. The criticism about distortions, i.e., how bad your competitors are could outcome in a lawsuit. Avoid the extra negativity because the customers may also accomplish that if all you container do is garbage the struggle. Then it’s a sign that there is nothing confident suggestion to them. The safest move that you should take is to save your ads accurately, whether you’re going for a optimistic or undesirable effect.

These are some of the highlighted things that you should know about this marketing technique is for a positive influence. I have explained some of the bad publicity techniques that include spreading controversies to creating bonds with villains and negative shared experiences. The benefits and principles of negative marketing are also discussed above. Before opting for one thing, just get into the detail to gather as much knowledge as you can. For your ease, some examples are also shared so that you can easily understand the phenomenon.