How to Spot the Healthiest CBD Flower?

How to Spot the Healthiest CBD Flower

For lovers or marijuana and hemp, they know that nothing is as important as sourcing the best weed. Whether you choose to smoke your marijuana in a roll, or you prefer the non-psychoactive CBD oil alternative, one thing is sure, they need to be obtained from the purest source. With the multitude of people getting into the cannabis business, you can only expect that not many of them will be worth it. 

Still, you can tell if your herb has all the physical appearance of a good quality canna. The nature or strain of the cannabis will determine what to expect from an analysis. While a medical laboratory remains the best option for deciding CBD flower tolerance, there are other ways for you to tell. You can start by checking the guide below to learn some of the secrets. 

All Buds, No Dust

It is common knowledge among weed smokers that the best herbs comprise mostly of all buds and no dust. This means that you get to spot the grass as a complete plant and not some mashed up residue from the lot. You can hold on to the flower, and there will be little or no particles on your palm. In most cases, if they are packed in a bottle or rolled already, like the ones available at the buds, seed, and stems will still be intact. 

While trimming is an essential part of CBD curing, expert growers know that the bushes need to maintain their integrity in the pot and the blunt. So when shopping for the best CBD flowers, you want to note that the buds are attached to the bush and not some residue or grains. 

Don’t Ignore the Smell Test

It’s no lie that there is an aroma that fills the air when you open up the bottles or boxes of weed. While there is no exact scent to sniff for, you certainly can’t pass the whiff from the purest CBD flower. You can take off the lid and sniff out the container for your regular weed smell. There is no much difference between the smell of marijuana and hemp buds and may take an expert smoker to tell the difference without lighting up. 

It Doesn’t Always Appear Green 

One misconception regarding weed is that, like many other herbs should appear in a leafy green color. Indeed, the best quality CBD flowers are usually green in color by there is a category of top-notch buds that often appear bright and robust and could be a mixture of green and purple color.  

When extracted from the plant, the CBD oil extract appears as a pale-yellow or amber-gold liquid. Still, puffing cannabis smoke remains the quickest way to get CBD into the body. You can choose to use topical, or go for edibles such as hemp gummies or pop hemp-infused pills if you are uncomfortable smoking. 

Always Opt for Organic Extracts 

The growing condition of the plant is also another factor that could influence its potency. For safety reasons, it is best to source your CBD flower from organic farms with an excellent record of following the best growing practices. This way, you can be sure there won’t be any form of contaminants or additives in the plant. 

The safest way to assure purity and legal compliance is to buy CBD flower that has been certified by third-party labs. The terpenes should be from pure cannabis sources and shouldn’t include traces of other compounds or additives. 

How to Buy the Best CBD Flower? 

When in the cannabis market, you surely want to shop at a licensed medical cannabis dispensary. This way, you can be sure that the plant meets all the safety standards. It is common to suffer from diarrhea or vomiting when there is contamination in your CBD flower. You can check this page to learn more about the side effects of hemp and how to prevent complications. 

While appearance alone may not be the best way to identify the healthiest buds, it does help if you stick to a prescription to avoid complications with the use of hemp. Although there is no much risk associated with the use of CBD, you want to avoid abusing your meds. 

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