How To Choose The Best Baby Toys At The Right Age?

There are times when as a parent you wonder what benefits a toy or several of them can have for your child. Well, a toy is a means by which a baby can learn, know and even express. Frequently they reflect the culture of the moment and indicate the cultural changes and the social tendencies, depending on the age and stage of the baby a toy is indispensable for its development, the best baby toys are those that keep it safe, that entertain, entertain and instruct. Some of the toys according to the age are such as Piano Gym Discover ‘n Grow Kick & Play by Fisher-Price because the battery piano encourages babies to kick and stretch, while colorful toys motivate them to reach and sustain. The mirror and moving lights provide a visual stimulus. Baby Einstein’s 2-in-1 Fitness Center according to experts, the peculiar ocean theme of this toy is reassuring and relaxing for babies, it has an activity table and as he drinks he grows he can use it as a joke.

best baby toys

Toys need to be attractive for a baby; you must transport it to another world where you not only have fun but begin to know what the world you live in. That is why many toys have different themes, some have marine themes as the last mentioned which help you to associate and learn to classify animals according to the habitat where they live, others are based on a sport or activity daily that will awaken a knowledge in the baby. Usually, we see the small cash registers that sell them in most toy stores, although this toy is for an older baby, it is a basic tool for him to drink, to associate numbers and different ways of recognizing them.

There are different types of toys, some arouse affection and love, curiosity and others that provide you with exercises and experiences through tactile, auditory, visual, olfactory or gustative games, which will stimulate intelligence … others will help you develop your global motor skills but the important thing is how positive that toy can give a baby, it is worth mentioning a toy that behind its simple appearance has a lot of characteristics that make it the best seller in all of France, it is about Shopie the Giraffe, according to studies is the only toy created to stimulate each and every one of the senses of a baby. The feel of this toy is very soft, which makes it remind the skin of moms. Its size of 18 cm and its flexible shape are ideal for the baby to press with his hands. The size of the neck of the giraffe is perfect for the baby to take it from there and carry it everywhere. Shopie’s small brown spots attract the baby’s gaze, helping to make your sight quicken and stimulated.

Still, have doubts about which toy is best for your baby?

You will see the more specific categories below:

0 to 6 months

In this first stage, the baby needs toys to help him discover the world in which he lives, to know his environment as well as textures, shapes, and colors. The toys recommended in this stage are rattles, cradle mobiles, rubber dolls, teethers etc.

7 to 12 months

The baby is already exploring objects and can recognize voices. The toys recommended are Balls, Rag Dolls, Sound Toys, and Walkers.

13 to 18 months

Children at this stage already know how to walk alone if they recognize the characteristics of objects. The cubes to fit and stack, as well as bicycles with wheels and strollers, are the most suitable for this stage of the baby.

19 to 24 months

The baby begins to talk and understands, begins to know everything that surrounds him. Bicycles, blackboards, musical instruments, dolls, and animals are the most recommended for the baby.

2 to 3 years

Babies are often curious about names at this stage and imitate familiar scenes. Tricycles, shovels, puzzles, and dolls are indicated.

3 to 5 years

The child begins to have doubts about everything he sees to learn songs and to play with his classmates if he studies. Bicycles, blackboards, stories, and puppets are the most suitable for this stage.

6 to 8 years

The child already has knowledge of addition and subtraction and of reading and writing. The most recommended toys are skateboards, hand games, questions or experiments.

9 to 11 years

At this stage the child is attracted by the complicated activities, so the sports supplements, strategy and reflection games, audiovisual and electronics are the most recommended in this stage of the child.

12 years or older

Children are gradually losing interest and the desire to play and are building their own identity. Books, music and video games and other electronic devices are the most recommended for these ages.

Important tips that you could consider if you want to buy best baby toys :

1. The toy should be desired by the baby, not you.

2. Make sure the toy is safe, avoid toys with small, pungent or sharp pieces as they could harm the baby. The smaller the baby, the bigger the toys.

3. You must buy them for a purpose, whether recreational or educational and take into account the attitudes they develop in the child.

4. Take into account the personality of the baby when you buy a toy.

5. A simple toy will give more ideas of uses to babies and give them more ability to develop their fantasy.

6. Try not to reward or punish with a toy as this will confuse the child about the reason of a toy.

7. Keep in mind that too many toys limit a child’s fantasy.

8. The most important of all, the best toy is not necessarily the most expensive.

Remember that each baby is different and it is up to you to find the best baby toys that fit your own. Every baby needs to play to develop to the fullest and learn from the world in which he lives. Look the Most Popular New Toys for Kids .

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