They say music is life, but I disagree with them and strongly note down that good quality music spice up life. Amazon take pride in providing you with unique, high-quality products in all aspects of life that’s why we allow you to experience the life that is charmed in music by availing to you.

This will transform your listening experience from the dangerous possibly ear damaging expertise to the pleasant soul-satisfying experience. Same music may be totally different depending on the device that is playing it. Therefore, to experience the excellent music, you need first to have your Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones, and you will never get disappointed.

Listen to your music like a boss keeping true to the tone, rhythm, and message of the music. With this headphones, you get the real good music experience in your listening, no distortions at all. The headphone is dedicated to transforming your listening experience.

This is powered by the stylish design of the headphone and its mind-blowing features. The wireless headphone will greatly enhance your mobility while listening to music. Thus, they are much convenient. You are not limited by wired connections to your devices and you are therefore capable of engaging in a wide range of activities without the necessity of turning off your music. The freedom provided by the wireless connection allows you to maintain consistent sound while doing your chores or even work-outs in the gym.

To facilitate the wireless connection, the headphones have an inline microphone and remote. You can control your devices without having to remove them from your bag or pocket. The mic allows you to make and receive calls while the device is still in the pocket storage, the remote control enables you to adjust volume and as well skip tracks in your playlist.

Bose Wireless Headphones are made from high-quality, tough material to ensure there is no damage during workouts or movements. They are made from soft silicone material; a relatively hard material. The headphones are resistant to sweat and weather conditions, no stops required in case of sweating during exercise or in weather changes. The headphones are, therefore, largely durable and will last for ages once you make your buy if taken good care of and not subjected to extreme physical stressors.

The headphones have a rechargeable battery which when fully charged can last for 6 hours of continuous listening. The battery is recharged using a USB cable which is included in the package as sold by Hot and best deals. You only need a maximum of 2 hours to charge the battery to full capacity, after that you will listen to your music uninterrupted. There is no risk of overcharging as it automatically stops charging after the full charge. Thereby, taking care of your battery life and avoiding you the costs for replacements.

Bose headphone give high-quality audio experience with consistent sonically balanced sounds thanks to powerful volume-optimised EQ. Listening to unbalanced music sounds may be of serious damage to the ears; it may affect hearing and balance as well (vertigo). Very loud sounds can also be damaging to the ears, the headphones have a recommended threshold considered healthy for your ears. Also, you can easily control the volumes from the inline remote control not necessarily having to take out your device to adjust the volumes.

Product Information:

Color:black, style: w/o charging case.
Product Dimensions:1.1 x 1 x 1.1 inches
Item Weight:0.8 ounces
Shipping Weight:8.5 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Manufacturer:Bose Corporation
Item model number:761529-0010
Batteries:1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (Included).


  • Take care of your health, the sound balance ensures the postural balance function of the ear is not interfered with.
  • Highly durable; it is made from high quality long lasting materials that are resistant to both weather and sweat.
  • Enhances your mobility and saves you time. You can listen to your favorite hits while doing your chores, traveling or working out.
  • Has astounding sound quality.


  •      The prices are not very friendly for the low class but then, considering quality, it is worth even more.
  •      Huge buds may not be quite desirable but they still fit well in the ears.

Find yours today at Amazon the start enjoying the real 21st-century music experience.

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