There is nothing better than when a parent can provide their child with the appropriate resources for optimal development and growth. In particular, this might mean providing them with items such as best baby toys and games, which provide various benefits. In fact, most toy manufacturers are not only focused on providing entertaining solutions, but also toys that enhance your child’s motor skills and cognitive abilities among many others. Entertainment is an important aspect of your child’s life, and this can be leveraged to provide with motor skills and to improve their cognitive abilities as well. For this reason, we outlined Top 8 Best New Toys and Games 2018 for you to consider for your child’s needs. Some of them including

Top 8 Best New Toys and Games 2018

1. Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker – Wooden Educational Toy

Amazon Price : $15.09

Let your child enjoy the best of their leisure time by playing with the Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker. This classic wooden toy helps your child to develop skills and with as many as 25 colorful pieces to match the entire set. This Geometric Stacker is excellent for building early shape, and with durable components for long lasting performance benefits. The manufacturers of these toys have also done well to ensure that the toys are available in appealing colors the make them an excellent addition to your child’s entertainment needs.

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2. Deluxe Building Set – 64pcs

Amazon Price : $19.99

Realize the exceptional benefits of allowing your little one to play with the GLOUE 64 PCS Magnetic Building Blocks, Square, Triangle, Large Triangle – Deluxe Building Set. This unit works well to improve your child`s creativity, color recognition, problem-solving ability and motor skills among many others. It is also compatible with various types of magnetic tile sizes, and the superior neodymium rare earth magnets help to ensure the pieces are attached to each other. The entire set is also available with various types of components that make it the perfect solution for endless gaming fun for your child.


3. Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-inch Vehicle Rey’s Speeder Bike (Jakku)

Amazon Price : $9.87

Let your child experience the adventure of being an action figure by investing in the Star Wars The Force Awakens set. This set comes with various exciting toys for an unrivaled entertainment experience for your Childs needs. This includes the Speeder Bike vehicle that comes with special edition accessories and figures. It also allows users to collect and battle with other figures and vehicles from the Star Wars story line. The entire set is also available in a sleek and contemporary appearance that makes it appealing to your child’s unique gaming needs.

4. Hasbro Connect 4 Game

Amazon Price : $9.97

Challenge your child to a rule the Grid in the Hasbro Connect 4 Game. This game comprises of a unique strategy that drives the completion and allows users to choose among gold or red discs. Users can decide to choose any grid and the result of the game is determined through various interesting themes. The game is also easy to set up and the durable components of the grid guarantee long lasting gaming benefits for your needs. The grid is also available in cool colors and various game choices to keep your little one entertained at all times. It also has a unique pop out feature that allows users to release disc from the bottom row of the grid, to adjust the sequence with convenience.

5. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

Amazon Price : $12.99

Developed for fast firing and quick draws, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster places elite battle performance solutions in your child’s hand. It comes with a rotating barrel that can hold as many as 6 darts and with slam fire slide that lets your little blast as fast as they can fire. This toy can also shoot darts to as many as 90 feet and with a simple to pull trigger design as well. Loading this unit is also quick and easy, especially with the inclusion of the flip open rotating barrel that provides optimal performance benefits. It also has a strong-arm blaster, that works well for releasing a storm of darts for optimal target hitting results.

6. FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in the Dark Stars Toy

Amazon Price : $22.99

The foxprint princess castle is the perfect place for your child to play fantasy and relax and they play at the same time. It comes with two side windows for optimal ventilation and it can also accommodate as many as 2-3 princess as well. This unit provides your child with their own private space, and the cute little design makes it the perfect addition for their playtime needs. Best of all, it’s also easy to assemble and with a durable design to ensure long lasting performance benefits. The manufacturers have also done well to include cool colors and patterns on the tent, to let your child play with style and comfort each time.

7. Trianium Fidget Spinner, [Tripple Ranger] Prime Stress Reducer Toy

Amazon Price : $6.59

Choose the Trianium fidget spinner that is simple to flick and spin for minutes, and with just one or both hands. This makes it perfect for anxiety, quitting bad habits and even mitigating the effects of stress. The smoothness of the spins, comprises of a high performance premium steel ball bearing and with specially lubricated components for enhanced spins. The unique design is meant to withstand intense spinning and to also withstand high temperatures as well. It also comes with protective bottom and tops caps, that work well to ensure long lasting performance benefits. Best of all, this toy is perfect for both young children and adults, and it can be used to provide various benefits as well.


When it comes to providing your child with the ideal platform for optimal development and growth, it’s important to make informed decisions. Based on our extensive research, we recommend these Top 8 Best New Toys and Games 2018 as the best place for you to start. The added benefit of these toys is that these toys are not only designed for entertainment benefits, but they are also designed to help improve your little ones motor skills and cognitive abilities as well.