Top 5 Best Baby Toys 2018 reviews: Advantages and Tips to Choose Age-appropriate Toys for Your Child

Children want something new, want educational toys, kids want to explore the new mysterious world. Nowadays the children are brilliant. Automatically the kids are not intelligent; parents have to make them. How to make them? Its very very important answer for parents. Let’s talk about how to make a smart like celebrities kids.

At very less age, they can interact well with colorful toys and learn some long-lasting concepts from them. Your love and attention give them the courage to explore the world. There are different stages of child development. 3 months, 6 months, one year or two years, etc. at various times their minds will be created in different ways. For that, before buying toys for your babies, you should concern about kids ages.

The right playthings selection for your child will help them in the exciting mission of discovery. Toys are an excellent incentive for the child to enhance his inborn skills of grabbing, focusing and exploring. The most loved toys by babies are the ones which visually appealing and bright colored. Toys will not only enhance child’s physical development but with time it will improve the cognitive, emotional, creative and social abilities also. The young babies appreciate the soft music with high contrast patterns. They will learn to respond with time, but it’s good for them to start enhancing their skills right from the birth. It is essential for parents to think about the activities that will stimulate or arouse the sense of touch, smell, seeing, hearing and taste. From electronic gadgets to flashcards, there are hundreds of toys available in the market for appropriate age stimulation.

Why does child need educational toys?

Toys are the building block of child’s future. They can learn and play with the same thing. Babies are eager to learn new concepts and creative ideas. Toys provide them with the chance to learn from them. There are multiple reasons of why your child needs educational toys. Let me share few of them.

  • Child can learn new concepts.
  • Toys will help them educationally, socially, emotionally, physically, psychologically and improve their cognition.
  • They can become more creative while trying new aspects of color mixing and building blocks. They will love the soft music also.
  • The attention span, eye movement and also the focusing abilities will become enhanced.
  • They will develop social skills and learn the basic concepts of sharing and caring.
  • They will learn to develop an interpersonal relationship with other kids.
  • They will learn to take care of their things. The concept of keeping your place tidy up will be indulging in children at that age.
  • They will develop a love for arts, paints, colors, books, and
  • They will learn how to improve movements and improve their coordination.
  • Use of imagination and problem-solving skills will be enhanced.

Role of toys in your children growth

Children go through different learning periods throughout their life, which starts from their birth. Child development is a continuous process that consists of multiple aspects. The play is the essential elements that contribute to the three main types of development, i.e., physical, social and cognitive development. Social development: Parents got an excellent opportunity to interact with their children completely. Children can learn the key concepts of sharing as well as caring for their age mates. They can learn through modeling and imitation of others. Physical development: Children utilize their five senses to learn about the concepts of the mysterious world. Their sensory-motor skills will become more enhanced with the use of age-appropriate toys. The complex and coordinated use of toys improve the motor skills. Colorful toys stimulate your child ability to see. The soft and sweet music improve the hearing abilities. Children will get benefit with both fine and gross motor skills. Their hand-eye coordination will become better. Cognitive development: With growing age and the right selection of toys for child, the baby will learn intellectual concepts. Through their intellect, they will learn how things interact with each other in the environment. With the use of blocks, their constructive abilities enhance. The sweet sound helps your baby to develop language and thought processing skills. As they play, their imagination world can be widened up to skies. They will learn the cause and effect relationship and also repeat the processes to master them. They will develop spatial relation skills.


How to choose toys for your children?

You may wonder which toys are appropriate for a child. Keep in mind that you are not choosing just a TOY, but it will help your children learn new concepts and explore the world. I will present you with some ideas for choosing right toys that will play its part in your child’s growth, challenge his thinking, physical, language, and social-emotional skills. Here are some of the tips that will surely help you choose right toy for children.

  • Most of the children lack physical confidence and competence. The toy must encourage physical exercises and activities, for example, balls, jump ropes, basic sports gadgets and age-appropriate riding toys.
  • A toy that encourages group activities and cooperative games like age-appropriate board games.
  • Toys must involve the whole family in a game. Fun dollhouses can engage parents with children in the game.
  • Playdoughs and other toys encouraging artistic behavior must be selected for encouraging creative abilities. Provide your child with these toys then wait for their creativity to be developed.
  • Plastic animals, vehicles, and blocks engage children for hours in a constructive activity.
  • Kids love to imitate their parents and siblings. Sometimes, choosing a gender appropriate toys for child. The kitchen box and cars (gender appropriate) enable them to do a lot of things comfortably.
  • To improve cognitive skills, choose puzzles, blocks, and
  • Always try different toys over time. Look for the toys that involve cross-generational play. For example, a board game that involves the whole family, also improves counting, matching and memory skills.

There are top 5 best baby toys considered by the parents and child development specialists. Those toys are the best-selling toys on Amazon.

Top 5 best baby toys

1. Hasbro Connect 4 Game

This is the best game available for developing the color coordination skills in your child. For developing social skills, this toy is beneficial. It allows the child to play with his fellows. This board game is suitable for developing interpersonal relations with other age mates. It also improves the feeling of giving and sharing. When you arrange four coins in a row or column, you will win. It is meant for two players at a time.

You will get 21 red circles, 21 yellow circles, and instructions in the box. This Hasbro game is a disc-dropping fun. It will challenge your abilities to connect four same color circles in a row to win this game. It motivates for jumping into the competition. It drives the feeling of competition in you, that leads you to take part in the activity. It enhances your strategy making skills. It is fast, simple and fun. Your hand-eye coordination can be improved this game. Not only this, your sense of sight will be enhanced through this bright colored toy.

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2. Crayola Color Bath Dropz 3.59 Ounce (60 Tablets)

These are the bright colored water solvent tablets. It will make your child play with colors, a mixture of different colors. Your kid will know the color names and enjoy the mix of colors. He will surely get to know about the rainbow colors and the principle of color mixing. This product includes 60 fragrance-free bathtub tablets. You can mix and match the colorful tablets to make rainbow colors. These are the non-toxic tablets and it cannot stains the tub. It will enhance the experimental skills of children while trying different color combinations. It will prove to be an excellent learning tool for the colors and their combinations. It comes in a reusable container that teaches your children the concept of recycling. It brings fun, creativity, and imagination to the bath time. It will turn colorless bath water into refreshing, colorful water. Your kid can create his masterpieces on tiles, and you need not worry about this. Everything washes off very quickly with water.

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3. Mind Blowing Science Kit

Your little scientist will be very happy after getting this mind-blowing science kit. The natural instincts of exploring the world will know get some direction with scientific explorer toolkit. The principles of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) will be practiced through this. These are the open-ended baby toys that are used to construct, designer, inventor, and research. By using this tools, children can see the chemical reactions and learn the basic sciences. This 20 pieces toolkit allows your young scientist to explore the science concepts.

The chemical in this toolkit included
1. Red cabbage powder,
2. Citric acid
5. Baking soda
6. Three color tablets
7. One crosslinked polyacrylate copolymer
8. Vegetable oil
9. Cornstarch
Along with chemicals this product also included
10. Two cotton swabs
11. Three test tubes with stand
12. Three plastic cups, pipette
13. Two sticks
14. Two measuring scoops
15. Activity guide

This product is not for children below 3 years. It is suggested for kids above six years. Adult supervision is necessary while playing with the kit. Children will love learning the facts about their natural world and perform colorful experiments. The spills can easily be removed from the floor with water. It will leave your child wondering for further and detailed science experiments. Your child will love to set up exciting and colorful experiments.

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4. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

This can be served as perfect baby teething baby toy. This amazing maze is of colorful, soft, safe and continuous tubes. This toy improves the grabbing skills and hand-eye coordination. The clutching skills, as well as a sense of sight, will be improved. The combination of refreshing and bright colors will make this product your child’s favorite toy. This product got award multiple newborn toy and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award. The loops are safe and teeth strong plastic, it can be only for surface wash. A baby teether toy proper for the ages 0-24 months. It allows two-handed play, and middle cube has colourful rattling sound. The bright colors instantly grab your child attends. The excellent design and lightweight frame make it easy for your baby to hold it in his hand and play with it. The soft and BPA free teething material is perfect for gumming babies. It is cleared for all kind of safety issues.

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5. Mega Blocks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

To improve the constructive skills of your babies, you should go for Mega Blocks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic. This product is comprised of 80 building blocks that will engage your kids for hours. The size of blocks is big enough for little fingers to assemble and construct buildings. Children’s creativity and imagination will surely get away when they are provided with this product. It encourages the hands-on exploration and spatial relation. These mega building blocks are compatible for making all possible things. The bright colored blocks and the size attract the children of different age groups. It is a perfect selection for your little one to develop and rebuild the imaginative buildings. They will be engaged for hours in this open-ended constructive gameplay. Lots of colours are available: including standard colors, brighter pastels, and stylish bright colors. It is the best product for children to play, learn, discover and grow with the toy. It provides the building blocks for you developing a child with a storage bag for easy cleanup. It will develop child’s cognitive, social, creative, and physical and language skills. The environmental friendly bag encourages your child to clean up the mess. You can play and take it with your while going to somewhere. This product is perfect for young engineers to build with his own hands. It will surely stimulate and improve his learning abilities. There are several colors and designs available to encourage the child’s creative skills.

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Final Words

Now it’s your decision, which toy is suitable for your children. It all depends on the age of your babies, their gender, and their interest. You can choose the best baby toys to help your children grow well even while playing.

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